IDOBAO Announces ICE 67/87-key and ID42 Abacus 40% Fully-Assembled Mechanical Keyboards

IDOBAO is a well-reputed brand that deals in mechanical keyboard kits and fully assembled keyboards. The brand is known worldwide for its outstanding products at pocket-friendly prices. Today, IDOBAO has announced two new products, basically three new mechanical keyboards, the IDOBAO ID42 Abacus, IDOBAO ICE 67-key, and 87-key mechanical keyboards. These are fully-assembled keyboards that are made using high-quality components like aluminum alloy chassis, premium PBT keycaps, south-facing RGB LEDs, etc. Let’s find out more about these keyboards.

IDOBAO ICE 67/87 keyboard

IDOBAO ICE 67-key/87-key Transparent Mechanical Keyboard:-

Meet the all-new IDOBAO ICE series of transparent mechanical keyboards. IDOBAO has released two-different form factors in this series, ICE 67 with a 67-key 65% form factor, and the ICE 87-key has a Ten-Key Less(TKL) form factor with a 87-key arrangement. The keyboards have got premium looks with transparent keycaps. IDOBAO has designed these with top-quality components and features like durable PBT keycaps, Factory-lubed Kalih/Gateron mechanical switches, CNC machined Aluminum alloy casing, Gasket mounted structure, Hot-Swappable Sockets, etc.

IDOBAO ICE 67/87 keyboard-2

IDOBAO ICE 67/87 keyboards have got transparent PBT keycaps along with hihg-quality CNC machined Aluminum alloy build. ICE 67/87 keyboards have south-facing RGB LEDs that glow through the transparent keycaps and create an immersive atmosphere while typing. The keyboards use premium pre-lubed mechanical switches from Gateron and Kalih. The keyboard also features sound-absorbing EVA cotton padding between the plates for soft acoustics upon key press. IDOBAO ICE 67/87 key keyboards are premium keyboards with a unique transparent design. IDOBAO has priced the ICE 67 at 279.99$ and the ICE 87 for 359.99$. Feel free to check out more information here.

IDOBAO ID42 Abacus:-

As you might have guessed, IDOBAO ID42 Abacus is an ultra-compact 40% mechanical keyboard with a 42-key arrangement. IDOBAO has again featured top-quality components and features on the ID42 Abacus including hot-swappable PCB, south-facing RGB LEDs, premium PBT keycaps, CNC machined aluminum chassis, Pre-lubed Gateron/Kalih mechanical switches, hot-swappable PCB, etc. ID42 assembled version comes with RGB backlight but with non-shine-through OEM profile PBT keycaps. The keyboard has got a smooth matte finish for a premium look and feel.

IDOBAO ID42 Abacus Keyboard

IDOBAO ID42 Abacus is a super-compact keyboard. It only houses the alphabet keys along with the arrow keys. 40% layout is the smallest one can have with the alphabet keys. Would you consider getting the ID42 Abacus? We are pretty sure this is gonna take a little space on your desk. It is available on pre-order for 185.99$.

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