IRONCAT Launches HPC01M & HPC01M Pro Gaming Mice With Innovative Hot-Swappable Switch Design

IRONCAT is a premium PC peripheral manufacturing brand from China. The brand specialises in design, development, and marketing of high-quality PC peripherals mainly mechanical keyboards and gaming mice. Today, they have revealed two brand-new gaming mice that revolutionises the gaming world with their innovative new features, presenting the all-new IRONCAT HPC01M and HPC01M Pro. HPC01M is a premium quality mouse that offers cutting-edge performance with PAW3395 flagship sensor chip and three-mode versatile connectivity function. The HPC01M Pro brings us innovative new technology to replace the micro-motion switches with ease, kind of hot-swappable function for gaming mice. It also houses PAW3395 flagship-grade optical sensor and has two connection modes. Elevate the way you game, defeat your competition with the revolutionary performance of IRONCAT HPC01M and HPC01M Pro gaming mice.


IRONCAT HPC01M is available for 59.99$ and the HPC01M Pro model is launched officially for 79.99$. You can check out more details about both of them over here.

HPC01M model brings most of the features that you might want in a high-performance premium gaming mouse. It houses flagship-grade PAW3395 optical sensor, it has lightweight aesthetics, ergonomic shape, premium Huano micro-motion switches, smooth bearing scroll wheel, RGB lightning DPI indicator, etc. The HPC01M Pro promises accurate tracking with precise aiming and silky smooth cursor movement. Your every click is registered perfectly, and with the help of Huang micro-motion switches, the clicking is silent and super smooth. HPC01M gaming mouse supports a maximum return rate of 1000Hz, and it weighs just 59 grams. It’s an extremely solid gaming mice that’s suitable for most games out there.


Coming on the the IRONCAT HPC01M Pro, the flagship mouse from IRONCAT. This is a versatile mouse with a maximum return rate of 4000Hz. It promises silky smooth tracking and great accuracy with the lightning fast 4000Hz return rate support. You need a separate 4kHz supporting receiver to get the best performance with the mouse. It adopts PAW3395 flagship sensor just like the HPC01M model and provides great performance. Another key update with the HPC01M Pro is the swappable micro-motion switch design. Users can easily replace the switches with other micro-motions switches in the market. IRONCAT bundles the HPC01M Pro with TTC, Omron switches that users can easily replace using the included screwdriver and micro-motion switch puller.


Both the HPC01M and HPC01M Pro gaming mice have incredible battery life. When using in 1000hz mode, the HPC01M lasts for up to 40hours and the HPC01M Pro lasts for up to 94 hours with a single charge. The added 4000Hz return rate and the ability to replace the switches. Just make the HPC01M Pro a professional choice for esports enthusiasts. The IRONCAT HPC01M series of mouse starts at 59.99$, you can check out more details over here.

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