DAREU Introduces A950 Pro & A950 Pro Magnesium Three-Mode Premium Gaming Mouse

DAREU is a premium PC peripheral brand at the heart of China. With a worldwide network, DAREU products are loved by enthusiasts all over the world. They specialize in creating high-quality gaming accessories such as mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. A few days back, DAREU announced the upcoming A98 Master, the industry’s first mechanical keyboard with an adjustable gasket-mounted structure. Today, DAREU has released two brand new products the A950 Pro and the A950 Pro Magnesium, two high-performance three-mode wireless gaming mice.

DAREU A950 Pro-1

A950 Pro is a three-mode wireless gaming mouse that integrates great appearance and top-quality performance. It comes as a successor to the famous A950 mouse which was released last year. Based on the user feedback, DAREU has improved its performance with the A950 Pro. It has lightweight aesthetics, comfortable ergonomics, and top-quality hardware for enhanced performance. DAREU has equipped the A950 Pro gaming mouse with a flagship-level PAW3395 high-performance optical sensor that captures even subtle movements with ease and accurately presents smoother performance. The DAREU A950 Pro will be available in both 1000Hz and 4000hz variants. Stay tuned with us for more information.

DAREU A950 Pro-2

DAREU A950 Pro Magnesium Alloy is a flagship-level variant of the A950 Pro. With a better, stiffer, denser magnesium-alloy shell, this model has lightweight aesthetics and a stronger build structure. The A950 Pro Mg edition packs a PAW3395 optical sensor with a Nordic Core chipset promising ultra-smooth performance with a lightning-fast return rate of 4000Hz. With Kailh Black Mamba GM8.0 micro-motion switches, the A950 Pro Mg edition promises satisfying clicking feedback. DAREU has incorporated textured elements on the scroll wheel giving the users a more personalized and premium experience. For serious enthusiasts and gamers who want no-compromise performance, the DAREU A950 Pro Magnesium Alloy variant is going to be a fantastic choice!! Stay tuned with us for further information.

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