Kailh Introduces All-New "Box Blue" Linear Mechanical Switches

Kailh is a well-reputed mechanical switch manufacturing brand from China. They have come together with Xinmeng(a famous PC peripheral brand) bringing us a brand new custom-developed mechanical switch, the Kailh Box Blue. Kailh Box Blue is a premium linear mechanical switch with a five-pin design. The switch has been designed and customized on the basis of the original Box axis switches. It is featured in Xinmeng’s latest X98 95% three-mode mechanical keyboard.

Kailh Box Blue Switches-1

Box Blue switch has swift linear feedback that enhances your typing experience. It offers smooth operation throughout the keystroke. It is customized and optimized on the original structure of Box switches from Kailh. The Box Blue switches adopt a high-quality PC(PolyCarbonate) cover. They have a sealing hole structure design that protects them from accidental damage while plugging or unplugging the switches onto the Keyboard. The Box Blue switches have a 5-pin design, they are compatible with all the keyboards that take 5-pin switches. It has maximum trigger force of 45±10gf with pre-travel of 1.8±0.4mm, total travel of 3.6±0.3mm. Box Blue switches have long durability of about 80million clicks.

Kailh Box Blue Switches-2

Kailh has featured a double-section long spring on the Box Blue switches. They have stronger rebound and smoother feedback enabling smooth typing thanks to this longer spring design. Box Blue linear switches are available on the Xinmeng X98 keyboard. It’s a three-mode mechanical keyboard with 95% 98-key layout. X98 Keyboard is available to purchase with us for just 89.99$, the Kailh Box Blue switches will be soon available to purchase independently as well. You can check out more information about the X98 keyboard over here.

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