FL-ESPORTS Launches FL-100 Brand New Three-Mode Hot-Swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

FL-Esports has added a brand new 100-key mechanical keyboard to its wide range of products, meet the all-new FL-Esports FL-100. As you might have guessed from the name itself, the FL100 has a 100-key arrangement. It joins the league of offerings by FL-Esports with its own range of latest and advanced features including three-mode connectivity, sound-absorbing padded layer, Hot-Swappable Sockets, etc. Different from a regular mechanical keyboard, the latest FL100 brings you four stunning color profiles, two of which have an elegant Gradient color theme.


FL-Esports FL100 is launched officially with three different switch options, it starts at 119.99$, check out more information here.

FL-100 brings you an innovatively designed 100-key 98% mechanical layout. It saves you some desktop space while offering an almost complete layout. The keys are placed closer to each other for a neat design. FL-100 supports three-mode connectivity including wireless Bluetooth, Wired USB Type-C, and Wireless 2.4GHz. FL-100 supports easy connectivity with various sources, including Laptops, PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones.


FL-Esports has designed the all-new FL100 with elegance and precision. The keyboard is available in four different color options, with two of them offering beautiful gradient color themes. The other two color options also have a vivid profile, and the keyboard features dual-tone PBT material keycaps with transparent legends. With a full-key RGB backlight, the bright RGB peeps through the transparent legends.


FL-Esports has launched the FL100 with three custom-developed switch options. This includes Glacier Pink(Linear), Glacier Brown(Tactile), and Glacier Purple(clicky) switches. The keyboard also has Hot-Swappable Sockets for easy and simple switch replacement without any soldering. FL-100 is fully compatible with the custom driver that allows for RGB adjustments, and many more features. The FL-100 connects with the software in Wired USB Type-C and Wireless 2.4GHz mode. FL-100 delivers a super smooth typing experience, thanks to its specially developed internal arrangement. The keyboard houses a sound-absorbing silicone padded layer at the empty place between the PCB Plate and the bottom cover. This silicone padded layer absorbs the extra pressure and sharp sounds, creating a smooth typing experience for the users with soft acoustics!!

FL-Sports FL-100 is a solid 100-key mechanical keyboard that brings us a smooth typing experience with a colorful gradient theme, and a lot of advanced features. Learn more about the FL-100 over here.

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