KBDFans Rim & PYGA All-New Designer Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps

Keycaps can change the entire look and feel of a keyboard. There are many famous brands that manufacture high-quality designer keycaps, KBDFans is among those brands with a huge catalog of mechanical keyboards and accessories. They deal in everything related to mechanical keyboards, from baritone keyboard kits to mechanical switches, and keycaps. Today, KBDFans has released two new sets of keycaps, the KBDFans PYGA and KBDFans Rim. Both of these Cherry Profile keycaps are designed with high-quality PBT material. They are super smooth to touch. KBDFans have crafted these using high-quality double-shot and triple-shot molding processes. They are available in different options, you can buy the entire base set or just Numpad/spacebar/novelty, etc from the sets.


KBDFans PYGA features distinctive Red colored keycaps. This distinctive color is inspired by the Pyrope Garnet, a dark red mysterious gemstone. The word “Pyrope” comes from the Greek Language word “Puropus” which translates to “Fiery-Eyed”. The Pyga is a semi-transparent keycap with vibrant Red color and a high refractive index. KBDFans PYGA gravitates toward the fact that each key comes with an inner opaque layer and a semi-transparent outer layer that creates a beautiful presentation with different shades of light and dark red by reflecting light.

KBDfans PYGA-1

KBDFans PYGA creates an amazing experience with an RGB backlight keyboard as the backlight peeps through its semi-transparent keycaps and creates a beautiful atmosphere all around. The KBDFans PYGA keycaps are fully compatible with Cherry MX profile switches. The base set is priced at 115.99$, you can check more information here.

KBDFans Rim:-

KBDFans Rim keycaps are inspired by the character RIM in “labyrinth black company”, the color matching refers to the color of RIm’s hair and horns. They have a beautiful combination of Light and dark shades of Pink. The keycaps are made using highly durable PBT material in a Cherry Profile. They are produced using Doubleshot/triple shot methods and are fully compatible with Cherry MX and MX-Styled switches. KBDFans Rim looks extremely beautiful and they can easily be your companion for your next cute keyboard project!!

KBDFans Rim-1

KBDFans Rim base set is priced at 99.99$, you can check out more information here.

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