ANNE Pro 2D Compact 60% Mechanical Keyboard With Transparent Keycaps, Dual Mode Connectivity, And Gateron Pro 2.0 Switches

In the world of Mechanical Keyboards, the ultra-compact 60% form factor has a charm of its own. Usually preferred for ultra-neat compact setups, 60% is the smallest form factor where you get access to the most commonly used keys(except the arrow keys). Today, we have got a brand new 60% mechanical keyboard from ANNE, the all-new ANNE Pro 2D, or as the brand calls it ANNE Pro 2 Discovery. It’s a new variant for the famous Pro 2, with transparent keycaps and premium Gateron Pro mechanical switches.

ANNE Pro 2D-1

ANNE Pro 2D is launched officially for 89.99$, you can check more information here.

ANNE Pro 2D keyboard adopts specially developed 3D-looking PC(Polycarbonate) material keycaps. They are developed with two layers, the outer glossy layer, and the inner matte-finished layer. The keycaps are completely transparent and give a see-through effect to the built-in RGB backlight. The keyboard features a dynamic RGB backlight that supports multiple built-in effects including dynamic, Static, and Musical rhythmic effects. ANNE has featured premium Gateron Pro 2.0 mechanical switches with a choice between Brown or Red switches for the buyers. The keyboard adopts full-key hot-swappable PCB sockets with support for 5-pin switches. It has Dual-Mode connectivity supporting Wired USB Type-C and wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

ANNE Pro 2D-2

With its dual-mode connectivity, the ANNE Pro 2D keyboard can be connected to a variety of sources including Windows, Linux, Mac, etc devices. It has full integration with Hexcore driver software that is available across different platforms. ANNE Pro 2D is a highly-versatile mechanical keyboard that brings you a premium experience with an ultra-compact layout.

ANNE Pro 2D-3

Launched officially for just 89.99$, ANNE Pro 2D is an ideal choice for compact setups. Know more details here.

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