Keychron x Candysign Launches Classic 75% Compact Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

Back in 1956, Braun, a world-famous brand released its classic SK4 record player. With the help of standard metal casings, acrylic covers, and wooden panels at the sides, the SK4 created a vibe around the world with its stunning design. Tributing the classic, Keychron has come ahead with Candysign with a brand new mechanical keyboard with design inspiration from the SK4 record player, meet the all-new Keychron x Candysign. Candysign classic is a compact 75% mechanical keyboard that resembles the classic look of the SK4 record player.

Candysign inherits streamlined elements like the metallic shell and plexiglass cover style. It comes with a delicate acrylic dust cover and got beautiful wooden side panels on the body. Keychron has used its expertise in designing premium mechanical keyboards and equipped the Candysign classic keyboard with top-quality features such as Bluetooth V5.1 wireless+Wired USB Type-C connectivity, Compact form factor, smooth typing experience, premium Gateron mechanical switches, etc. With Bluetooth Wireless connectivity, the keyboard will support up to three devices simultaneously.  The keyboard is available in Gateron G Pro Red/Green/Brown switch options. When you get bored of the premium Gateron G Pro switches, you will be able to easily replace the switches as the keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable PCB sockets.

Keychron x Sugar Factory Candysign-1

Keychron x Candysign Classic mechanical keyboard boasts a compact 75% layout with an 82-key arrangement.  This is like a compact TKL form factor and brings a comfortable typing experience with its off-white colored PBT material keycaps. With its stunning design and elegant color scheme, the Candysign mechanical keyboard looks fresh and classy. It houses a large 4000mAh battery and supports up to 80 hours of battery life for continuous usage with the backlight on.

Keychron x Sugar Factory Candysign-2

Keychron x Candysign mechanical keyboard is listed currently on the WeChat mini market program of Candysign. It starts at 669 Yuans, we hope to see the official international release of the Candysign mechanical keyboards soon too!!

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