Cherry Announces All-New Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards: MX LP 2.1 & MX LP6.1

Cherry is a well-recognized computer peripheral brand with a huge catalog of products including mechanical keyboards, mice, and mechanical switches. Today, Cherry has released two new mechanical keyboards, the MX LP 2.1 and the MX LP 6.1. Both the newly launched keyboards have got a 65% compact form factor with thin bezels. They use newly-developed Cherry MX Low-Profile mechanical switches.

Cherry MX LP 2.1/6.1-1

Cherry has featured triple connection modes on the MX LP 2.1 and MX LP 6.1 keyboards. They support the latest CHERRY CAWT Wireless connectivity with a high-speed low-latency connection. The keyboards also support Wireless Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity, allowing seamless wireless connectivity with most devices like PCs, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, TVs, Mobile phones, etc.

Cherry MX LP 2.1 and LP 6.1 features a compact 68-key layout. They are equipped with MX Low-profile mechanical switches which are about 35% smaller than the traditional Cherry MX switches. They provide about 40% fast trigger. Cherry has designed these new keyboards with the new NORDIC chipset, delivering a fast, accurate, and precise response. Both the keyboards here have got a slim and compact form factor. The MX LP2.1 is 2.5cm thin and only weighs 0.43Kg while the MX LP6.1 is about 2.7cm thin and only 0.57kg in weight.

Cherry MX LP 2.1 and LP 6.1 feature an RGB backlight creating an immersive multi-color backlight with different lighting effects. The shell of the MX-LP2.1 features a snowflakes-type glittery pattern, and the MX -LP6.1 features aluminum alloy chassis with double-layered sound-absorbing foam layers, bringing a smooth typing experience.

Cherry MX LP 2.1/6.1-2

Cherry has got years of experience in designing premium mechanical keyboards. Using that expertise, they have designed the all-new MX LP2.1 and MX LP6.1 keyboards with a slim and ultra-compact low-profile design. Both the keyboards will be available worldwide shortly!!

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