Keydous Introduces All-New NJ68 Pro Three-Mode RGB Mechancial Keyboard With Rotatable Display & Volume Knob

Keydous has released an update to its highly-acclaimed NJ68 67-key mechanical keyboard with the official release of the all-new Keydous NJ68 Pro. The NJ68 Pro brings a premium experience for its users with its metallic Aluminum alloy chassis, high-quality dual-tone PBT keycaps, adjustable 180° customizable display, adjustable 90° multimedia volume knob, and many more advanced features. It’s a premium ultra-compact mechanical keyboard designed for your day-to-day usage!!

Keydous NJ68 Pro-1

Keydous NJ68 Pro is available in two colors and four different variants including barebone kits and fully assembled keyboards. The NJ68 Pro series start at 225.99$ for the kit and 289.99$ for the fully assembled ones. Know more here.

The main attractions of the NJ68 Pro are the custom display screen and the multimedia volume knob. Both the display and the volume knob are rotatable. The display has a 180° rotation and the multimedia volume knob has a 90$ rotation cycle. The display on the NJ68 Pro can be customized to show different functions or custom Gifs. This display can be folded back when not in use. Volume knob allows for easy volume adjustment on the go.  These two functions bring a unique experience to the NJ68 Pro.

 Keydous NJ68 Pro-2

Keydous NJ68 Pro is a premium mechanical keyboard designed carefully for a rich and premium experience. The keyboard has got high-quality metallic aluminum alloy chassis with dual-tone PBT keycaps. The in-hand feel of the NJ68 Pro is quite Exquisite and attractive. Keydous has featured three-mode connections on the NJ68 Pro. This includes high-speed wireless 2.4GHz, multi-device wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. With multiple connection modes, the NJ68 Pro is compatible with a wide range of devices including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux systems.

Keydous NJ68 Pro-3

Keydous NJ68 Pro fully assembled keyboard comes with a choice between Baby kangaroo or Box Strawberry Ice Cream Pro mechanical switches. Both the NJ68 Pro kit as well ask NJ68 Pro fully-assembled keyboards feature hot-swappable sockets. The switches can be placed or replaced easily whenever required. The keyboard houses a full-backlit RGB design with south-facing LEDs for a vivid colorful experience for the users. Keydous has designed the Nj68 Pro with a dual-layered silicone padded structure. PORON layers have been placed between the PCB, the keyboard plate, and the bottom cover. It completely fills the gap and completes the empty spaces inside the shell. This promises a crisp, smooth, typing experience with soft acoustics on the keyboard. NJ68 Pro comes in Brass-Plate or Steel-Plate options.

Keydous N68 Pro starts at 225.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

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