KZZI K61: Latest 61-key Ultra-Compact Keyboard With Full-Key Hot-Swappable Design

Keyboard enthusiasts have now been exploring the world of 60% mechanical keyboards as they offer a super-compact layout usually great for minimalistic builds. Today, we are here to announce a brand new 61-key hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, the KZZI K61. K61 is a highly attractive keyboard with bold and innovative contrasting color themes. The keyboard is actually released in three different color options, each having a vibrant and extraordinarily beautiful look. KZZI K61 is launched officially for 79$, you can check out more details on our product page here.

KZZI K61-1

K61 from KZZI is a bright-themed keyboard. It showcases vibrant colors with its unique and beautiful color combinations. The red color has a super high contrast look, while the Dark Green and Grey colors have soothing yet contrasty color themes. KZZI K61 is a 61-key hot-swappable keyboard that supports three connection modes including Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. K61 provides full versatility to the users with support for multiple systems including Windows, Android, and Mac.

KZZI K61-2

KZZI K61 is available in a variety of mechanical switch options. It can be bought with high-performance TTC fast silver, pink gold, and silent red switches. K61 is also made available in Kalih Box red mechanical switches. If you ever feel the need to change these stock switches, you don’t have to worry as the Keyboard features a full-key hot-swappable design. Change the switches without any need of soldering and desoldering.

KZZI K61-3

KZZI for the K61 mechanical keyboard has adopted a silicone-padded internal structure. A thick layer of silicone foam is placed between the PCB and the metal plate. K61 also has acoustic cotton at the bottom plate. All this is done to achieve soft and smooth acoustics with every single key press. There is no sharp or harsh sound from the K61 keyboard. It also features a newly-developed custom satellite stabilizer that allows for a smooth and wobble-free performance with the keyboard.

 KZZI K61-4

A full-RGB backlit design also creates a charm with the K61 keyboard. With proper driver integration, K61 supports a wide range of backlight effects along with music rhythm effects. With an in-built 1850mAh lithium-ion battery, the KZZI K61 keyboard has got extended battery life. Considering an average of 4 hours of use per day, the K61 keyboard provides easy backup of up to 30 days upon a single charge.

KZZI K61-5

Priced at just 79$, the KZZI K61 seems to be an interesting mechanical keyboard as it checks every box in any enthusiast's book, hot-swappable design, premium switch options, full-RGB backlit design, ultra-compact layout, etc. You can check out more details and order the KZZI K61 keyboard from here.


>Ultra-compact 61-key layout.

>Premium Switch options.

>Full-key Hot-swappable design.

>Silicone-padded structure.

>Newly-developed Satellite stabilizers.

>Large 1850mAh battery for extended battery life.

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