Lenovo Releases "Legion K7" Full-RGB Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

Lenovo needs no introduction in the market. They are one of the top brands in the industry that not only deals in computer peripherals but also has a huge catalog of laptops and pre-built PCs. Today, Lenovo has released a brand new mechanical keyboard, the Lenovo Legion K7. Legion series of products from Lenovo are designed for enthusiasts and gamers. The same can be said for the latest Legion K7, it’s a premium 98% keyboard designed for gamers with high-speed Gateron Pro G Silver 2.0 switches. The keyboard is launched officially for 120$, you can check out more details here.

Lenovo Legion K7-1

Lenovo Legion K7 keyboard has three connection modes. It supports wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. With its triple connection modes, it becomes easy to connect it with multiple devices. Legion K7 supports different operating systems including both Windows as well as Mac devices simultaneously. There’s a switch present at the top of the keyboard that allows for easy switching between different connection modes.

Lenovo Legion K7-2

Legion K7 has a 98% layout. It’s about 20% more compact than a regular full-sized keyboard. In terms of the arrangement, the Legion K7 has a QWERTY layout with complete alphanumeric keys, Function row keys, Numeric keys, etc. Although there’s no Home cluster available on the Legion K7 and that makes it a 98% compact keyboard. Lenovo has featured high-speed Gateron G Pro Silver 2.0 mechanical switches on the K7. These offer linear feedback with short key travel and fast trigger response. The K7 is ideally designed for the Legion series of gaming peripherals by Lenovo, for which these high-speed mechanical switches are an ideal choice. Well not, just this, You are never stuck with a single set of switches on the Legion K7. The keyboard has a full-key hot-swappable design, where users can easily switch the switches to their liking.

Lenovo Legion K7-3

To present an immersive experience for the users, Lenovo K7 gets a full-RGB backlit design. The keyboard has over 11 in-built effects for the background lightning and these can easily be switched using a dedicated key present on the keyboard. Lenovo has designed the internals of the keyboard with a silicone pad in between the PCB and the metallic plate. This silicone padded structure not only benefits the keyboard in soft acoustics but also gives better-stabilized keystrokes.

Lenovo Legion K7 looks pretty interesting. It has got an elegant form factor with beautiful design and full functionality. It is launched for 120$, in two beautiful color options, Black and White. Check out more details here.


>98% Keyboard layout.

>20% more compact than a full-sized keyboard.

>Triple connection modes(Bluetooth/Wireless/USB Type-C).

>Premium Gateron G Pro Silver 2.0 mechanical switches.

>Dual-Tone Five-Sided Dye Sublimed PBT Keycaps.

>Full-RGB backlit design.

>Single-key backlight effect change.

>Silicone-padded structure.

>6° feet for adjustable height.

>Intelligent power management.

>MAC+Windows Dual System Support.

>Extended battery life.

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