KZZI K75 RGB Wireless Three-Mode Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard

The demand of 75% mechanical keyboards is always on the higher side of the market. Keyboard enthusiasts prefer the 75% layout for both office usage as well as gamers as the 75% form factor brings almost the TKL form factor but in a compact manner. Today, we have got a brand new 75% mechanical keyboard, presenting you all the KZZI K75 RGB Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard. With a 75% form factor, the K75 RGB saves up to 30% desk space for its users in comparison to a full-sized layout. It comes equipped with a USB Expansion hub that allows its users to easily connect an additional USB device to the system. KZZI has included a small LED indicator on the K75 RGB that displays the active battery life of the keyboard. KZZI K75 RGB Wireless Keyboard is launched officially starting at 89$ only, you can check out more details and functions here.

KZZI K75-1

KZZI K75 RGB Wireless keyboard has three connection modes. It can be connected to the source device using wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4Ghz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Please note that the USB Hub works in the USB connection mode only. It has a gasket-mounted structure and also houses multiple layers of padding for smooth operation and soft acoustics. The keyboard also has finely-adjusted satellite stabilizers under large keys that allow for a smooth, wobble-free, and vibration-free typing experience.

KZZI has featured premium TTC mechanical switches on the K75, available in multiple shaft options including Silent Red V2, Red V2, and the latest launched Gold Pink switches. KZZi K75 RGB keyboard is available in four striking color options, each looking better than the other. The keyboard has multi-colour RGB backlighting with multiple pre-built lightning effects. The lighting effects can easily be switched using the Fn key combination or by the driver. It can also be adjusted to follow musical rhythms through its RGB backlight, creating an immersive experience while using the keyboard.

KZZI K75-2

KZZI K75 has a modern design theme paired that gets complemented by its advanced features too. It supports a full-key hot-swappable keyboard plate allowing the users full control over their experience with the keyboard. Users can easily replace the switches without the need for any soldering or desoldering. The keyboard has a full-key conflict-free operation, registering every single key press precisely making the K75 an ideal choice for both gamers as well as office users. On top of all these amazing features, KZZI has priced the K75 RGB keyboard well starting at just 89$!!

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