Lofree & Kalih Announces Shadow: World's First Series of Full POM Material Low-Profile Switches

Kailh and LoFree have joined hands for a brand new series of POM material Low-Profile mechanical switches. They have jointly announced the all-new Shadow series of switches. It is the world’s first-ever low-profile switch made up of POM material. In recent times, we have seen many manufacturers switch to POM material for their switches. Lofree proposed this idea of a POM material low-profile switch to Kailh. The Shadow series switches are designed to comprehensively improve the user’s experience. Lofree as we all know is a big manufacturer of premium designer mechanical keyboards. With this new Shadow series switches, they will unlock new potential with their keyboards. POM switches are famous for their self-lubricating nature. They offer a smooth typing experience, the more you type, the smoother it gets.

Lofree x Kailh Shadow Switches-1

Low-Profile switches are widely preferred for their ease of usage and comfort while typing. Kailh has years of experience in developing successful low-profile switches. The new Shadow series of low-profile POM material switches have a dark color theme. There are three variants in the series, Ghost, Phantom, and Wizard. They have a short trigger travel of 1.2mm(Ghost, Wizard), and 1.6mm(Phantom). Total key travel is the same for all three switches at 2.8mm. Trigger force for them is at 45gf(Phantom) and 50gf(Wizard, Ghost). All three of them offer smooth typing and have a durability of 50 million keystrokes. Ghost here has a linear actuation, Phantom has a tactile operation, and the Wizard has a clicky actuation type.

Lofree x Kailh Shadow Switches-2

The Kailh Shadow low-profile mechanical switches are entirely made up of high-quality POM material. With their self-lubricating design, the switches have a low friction coefficient and offer a silky-smooth typing experience. They become smoother the more you type on them. Kailh has produced them using a high-precision gold production process with high-precision CNC equipment. Each part is precisely designed with accuracy up to microns. We all know POM material is solid in color. In order to get proper backlight exposure, the switch body is designed with a large light slot that transmits light properly.

Lofree x Kailh Shadow Switches-3

Kailh has designed the new Shadow switches with an Arc center Bottoming design. They sound fantastic and have a crisp sound definition. They are compatible with hot-swappable keyboards that utilize low-profile switches. Kailh x Lofree Shadow series of full POM material low-profile switches will be shortly launched on Lofree’s upcoming low-profile keyboard!!

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