HYEKU Y10 All-Aluminum DIY Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Introducing the all-new HYEKU Y10, a premium keyboard designed for enthusiasts who want to play with their keyboards. The Y10 is a completely DIY keyboard made using an all-aluminum body and DIY components. Each and every single component on the keyboard including the top cover has a detachable design. You can pull them out, customize them as you like and make the Y10 as you like. As for the stock, you get every single component separately packed so that you get the pleasure of building your own keyboard with the HYEKU Y10. The product comes packed in premium briefcase-like packaging!! HYEKU Y10 is an experience that benefits both beginners as well as experienced keyboard enthusiasts. And it packs an amazing performance with premium Kailh Switches, PBT keycaps, and three-mode connectivity.


HYEKU Y10 is available in two variants, 259.99$ for a briefcase-like package and 279.99$ for a trolley-style briefcase package. Know more details here.

HYEKU Y10 features an all-aluminum body. It not only gives the keyboard an excellent finish but also provides a stable structure for a premium build. On the back cover, we have a carbon fiber pattern which also looks quite unique and adds an elegant touch to the keyboard. HYEKU Y10 is a customizable keyboard that can be customized based on your personal usage preferences. Every single component on the keyboard comes packed individually. It includes a detailed guide on how to assemble your keyboard. The Y10 also includes an aluminum alloy and sheepskin magnetic detachable handrest.


In order to provide the users with comfortable typing, HYEKU has featured a gasket mounted structure on the Y10. The PCB plate is mounted between the top and bottom covers using gasket mounts. This helps in reducing vibration and absorbs the pressure while typing on the keyboard. The gasket structure also dampens resonance sound and helps get a silent typing experience. HYEKU has equipped the Y10 with specially developed Kailh Sea Salt mechanical switches. They offer comfortable typing with a silent linear actuation. We also get an option to change the switches as the Y10 features 5-pin compatible hot-swappable sockets.


HYEKU Y10 supports versatile connectivity with three-mode connection options. You can connect the Y10 to different devices as it supports wireless Bluetooth V5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. It has full-color 16.8 million color RGB backlight with multiple lighting effects. Lighting effects and macro functions can be customized using HYEKU Driver Software. The Y10 houses a large 5800mAh battery that provides long usage hours with the keyboard. HYEKU Y10 is an amazing keyboard that helps you customize your experience as you like. It starts at 259.99$, be sure to drop by here and check out more information on this stunning keyboard.

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