MagicForce MF17 & MF34 Mechanical Numeric Keypads

Numeric Keypads are highly useful for many scenarios, including office usage, billing department, cashier’s system, and more. But if we notice closely most laptops don’t have numeric keypads in the built-in keyboards. Carrying a full-sized mechanical keyboard is also not a practical option for everyday use. But to ease our troubles, we have several Numeric Keypad-only keyboards that are available from many brands. Today, we are proudly launching two new mechanical numeric keypads from MagicForce, presenting the MagicForce MF17 and the MF34. These both are numeric keypads with the MF17 having a 17-key standard numeric keypad layout and the MF34 having a 34-key layout with the numeric keys, home-key cluster, and arrow keys as well. These both are highly useful and can make our life easy and simple with their great functionality. The MagicForce MF17 is priced at 29.99$ and the MF34 is priced at 49.99$, you can check out more details here.

MagicForce MF17-1

MagicForce has designed both the MF17 and the MF34 with a bunch of advanced features that are common between them. They are built in a premium finish with high-quality dye-sublimed PBT material keycaps, finely tuned large key stabilizers, simple white backlight, and more. The white backlight can be customized with six brightness levels, and multiple lighting effects including stable light, breathing light, wave, and more.  Both the MF17 and MF34 come with Gateron switches as stock. The MF34 allows for easy replacement with full support for 3-pin and 5-pin switches. MF34 also has a multi-layered sound-absorbing padded internal structure. This includes IXPE under-shaft pad, Sandwicich cotton padding, bottom cover padding, etc.

MagicForce MF34

MagicForce MF17 and MF34 mechanical numeric keypads are highly useful in cases where we need dedicated numeric keypads. They offer comfortable feedback upon every single keystroke. Both of them have full-key conflict-free operation, soft white backlight, adjustable feet, etc. All these features make typing on the MF17 and MF34 easy and simple. The added home-key cluster and arrow keys just make the MK34 a more convenient choice with more functionalities. MagicForec MF series of mechanical numeric keypads are definitely useful for people who have a lot of numeric entries!! MagicForce MF17 is launched officially for 29.99$ while the MF34 is launched for 49.99$, you can check out more information here.

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