MCHOSE A5 Series Wireless Gaming Mouse With PAW3395 Sensor, 4000Hz Return Rate

Are you looking for a premium-performing wireless gaming mouse that goes easy on the pocket?? We have brought a fantastic contender in the form of the MCHOSE A5 series of versatile wireless gaming mice. The series has three products, the basic A5, the advanced A5 Pro, and the ultimate A5 Pro Max. Each one of these features an exclusive PAW3395 flagship optical sensor that provides picture-precise accuracy and accurate tracking. We also have 4000Hz return rate support on the A5 Pro and the A5 Pro Max models. Simply elevate your performance in your game or simply get the best mouse experience with the MCHOSE A5 series starting at just $39.99, check out more details here.

MCHOSE A5 Series-1

MCHOSE has designed the A5 series with a feather-like ultra-lightweight design. The basic A5 model weighs only 56 grams while the A5 Pro and the A5 Pro Max weigh only 59 grams. We don’t have to tell you how beneficial lightweight mice are, they are better in terms of tracking, better in terms of control, etc. The A5 model has dual-mode connectivity supporting wireless 2.4GHz and Wired connections. The A5 Pro and the A5 Pro Max models support three-mode versatile connectivity including Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired connections. This enables support for mode devices making them more versatile and compatible with more devices.

MCHOSE A5 Series-2

MCHOSE A5 Pro and A5 Pro Max support lightning-fast 4000Hz return rate. They are powered with Nordic main chips featuring NORDIC 52833(A5 Pro) and NORDIC 52840(A5 Pro Max), which enable a 4KHz return rate. High-speed return rate enables fast trigger response, smoother tracking, and precise control for the users. All three of these models are equipped with a PAW3395 optical sensor, matched with a 4KHz return rate, they provide exceptional precision and tracking accuracy. They are equipped with blue transparent micro-motion switches that offer crisp clicking feedback with a solid and satisfying rebound effect.

MCHOSE A5 Series-3

MCHOSE A5 series is equipped with a high-capacity battery. The A5 model houses a 300mAh battery promising a battery backup of up to 65 hours and the A5 Pro and the A5 Pro Max are equipped with a 500mAh battery that provides an extra-ordinary battery life of up to 130 hours.

The MCHOSE A5 series is a complete package, each mouse offers great performance. The A5 is priced at 39.99$, the A5 Pro is available for 49.99$, and the A5 Pro Max is available for 56.99$. You can check out more details here.

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