Kailh Launches All-New CP Series POM Material & Spring Series Light & Quick Mechanical Switches

Kailh is a prestigious name in the mechanical keyboard market. The brand is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-performance mechanical switches. Their products are featured in high-quality mechanical keyboards from top brands in the industry. Today, We are proudly launching two new series of switches from Kailh, introducing the Kailh CP series POM Switches, and the Kailh Box Spring switches. Let’s get to know them better.

Kailh CP Series POM Material Switches:-

The Kailh CP series POM material switches have two different variants, the Kailh CP Romeo and the Kailh CP Juliet. Yes, the switches are named after the lovebirds from the Mightly tale. Crafted with highly smooth POM material, the CP series switches offer extremely smooth switch movement and offer greatly satisfying typing feedback. They have an extended axis core for crisp bottoming producing a crisp sound on every single keystroke. Kailh has designed these in a silky smooth linear actuation profile. They utilise an extended 20mm spring delivering a solid rebound on every keypress. The Kailh CP series comes in a bundle of 10 switches per set priced at 5.99$ for each set.

Kailh CP Series Switches-1

The Juliet switches have a light and delicate touch with a light trigger force of 40g±10gf. They have a trigger point of 1.2mm and a full-key travel of just 3.4mm. Romeo switches have identical key-travel but the trigger force is slightly stronger at 55±10gf. Both the CP series switches have a durability rating of over 70 million keystrokes. With their silky smooth actuation, solid typing feedback, and factory-lubricated POM material build, the Kailh CP series mechanical switches are a suitable choice for everyday usage. Kailh has also featured a light guide column providing enhanced RGB backlighting. They are ideal for both entertainment as well as office use keyboards. Kailh CP Series Rome Juliet mechanical switches are available for just 5.99$ for a set of 10 switches, which is a pretty solid pricing.

Kailh Spring Series Switches:-

The second launch is the Kailh Box Spring Series which is a light, quick-trigger linear mechanical switch designed with high-quality components in a sweet green color tone. The Spring series uses a specially developed cone-shaped core that hits the bottom and produces a crisp, precise bottoming sound. The core is lengthened and lubricated for a smoother and stable movement. Kailh has equipped the switches with a self-developed highly slippery POM material base. it is even smoother than our regular POM material. Get rejuvenating typing feedback with every single keystroke providing a satisfying response. The Kailh Box Spring mechanical switches are available for 8.99$ for a set of 10 switches.

Kailh Box Spring Series-1

Kailh has equipped the Spring Series switches with an extended 20mm long spring that has a strong rebound effect as well. The spring series mechanical switches also have a light-guide column that produces a clear and vivid backlight when used on backlight-enabled keyboards. Kailh Spring series switches have a light trigger force of just 40±10gf, a short key travel of just 1.6mm±0.4mm, and a total key travel of 3.3mm±0.3mm only. These are marked with a high-durability rating of over 80 million keystrokes. Kailh Spring Series is extremely smooth in terms of keystrokes with a solid rebound and a quick trigger response. These are launched officially for just 8.99$ for a set of 10 switches. Know more details here.

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