MCHOSE Launches Z75 Aluminum Alloy Gasket Keyboard With 1MS Response Time

MCHOSE has just dropped a brand new mechanical keyboard on the market, the MCHOSE Z75. MCHOSE is a widely-regarded name in the PC Peripheral market with many successful products such as the MCHOSE A5 series mouse, X75 Keyboard, etc. As you might guess from the name, the latest MCHOSE Z75 is a compact 75% keyboard with a 1ms response time, three-mode connectivity, gasket-mounted structure design, hot-swappable sockets, RGB Backlight, a 270° RGB light strip, and many more features. MCHOSE has designed the Z75 with great precision and high-quality Aluminum alloy top cover and has a dual-tone injection-molded bottom cover for a robust base. The MCHOSE Z75 is introduced in three color options priced at $95.99. Check out more details here.


One of the key features of the Z75 is its robust build structure. The keyboard looks phenomenal. It has a CNC-machined sandblasted Aluminum alloy top cover along with injection-molded dual-tone bottom cover. We have a 3D metallic nameplate on the back as well. It has gasket mounted internal structure for a soft, elastic typing feedback. MCHOSE has treated the Z75 with five-layered internal padding featuring PORON Sandwich cotton, IXPE undershaft padding, Silicone filling, etc. It also houses a single-key slotted PCB board as well. All this helps get comfortable typing feedback and soft acoustics with the keyboard.

MCHOSE Z75 packs a dynamic RGB experience for its users. We also have a full RGB backlight and an RGB 270° strip around the bottom cover. MCHOSE Z75 keyboard comes equipped with TTC Flaming Orange mechanical switches. These are POM material switches that offer a comfortable typing feedback with quick rebound and smooth shaft movement. Keyboard enthusiasts and even casual users can easily customized their experience with the switches here as the keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable sockets. Users can replace the “Del” key with a Multimedia Knob for easy volume control on the go.


MCHOSE Z75 keyboard supports versatile three-mode connections. The keyboard supports wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired connection modes. It houses an ultra-high-capacity 8000mAh battery. With proper optimization, the battery has been designed to last for weeks with a full charge. MCHOSE Z75 is an amazing choice for both gamers as well as casual users. Its fast 1ms response time, its robust build, its high-quality mechanical switches, and then its dynamic RGB experience, all these features make the MCHOSE Z75 an amazing one. You can check out more details about the MCHOSE Z75 here.

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