AJAZZ Presents AJ159 APEX World's First Mouse With PAW3950 Sensor

PixArt recently introduced its latest flagship optical sensor for mice, the PAW3950. PixArt is a brand that is known widely for its excellent range of sensors, their PAW3395 is still considered one of the best optical sensors in a gaming mouse. The latest PAW3950 is supposed to lead the series ahead with its performance capabilities. Right after the release of the PAW3950, brands started the implementation of new-generation of gaming mice. AJAZZ, one of the prominent brands in the gaming peripheral industry, has announced the first mouse with a PAW3950 flagship sensor, introducing the all-new AJAZZ AJ159 APEX. It is a flagship mouse with top-quality features such as an 8K Polling rate, up to 42000DPI maximum DPI, etc.

AJAZZ AJ159 Apex

AJAZZ AJ159 APEX is a lightweight mouse with a net weight of just 56 grams. It is quite compact and handy as well, AJAZZ has designed it especially for people with small and medium-sized hands. As mentioned above, the AJ159 APEX features the latest PAW3950 sensor with a native sensitivity range of 50-30000DPI, it can be overclocked up to 42000DPI. The PAW3950 is said to bring next-level performance with silky smooth tracking and pixel-precise accuracy as well. AJAZZ AJ159 APEX has 8000Hz polling rate support. 8K polling rate promises a response time of 0.0125ms, which is about 8 times faster than a standard gaming mouse in the market.

AJAZZ AJ159 APEX supports three-mode connectivity, featuring wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB connectivity. It supports 8000Hz polling rate in wireless 2.4GHz mode. The AJ159 APEX comes with a charging base with a colorful display screen. This screen shows different PC information such as Date, Time, etc. Users can customize this screen with custom Gifs as well. The AJ159 APEX here features high-quality Huanuo green micro-movement switches with a rated lifespan of over 100 million clicks.

The AJ159 APEX houses a 400mAh battery that promises an extended battery life. AJAZZ has featured their low-power consumption technology on the mice, promising long battery life during usage. AJAZZ is soon releasing the AJ159 APEX in the international market. The AJ159 series has a bunch of upcoming products, the AJ159 APEX is a high-end flagship mice, the other models include AJ159, AJ159 P, and AJ159 Pro,. The series will be soon available in the international market, the AJAZZ AJ159 APEX is expected a price tag of 299 Yuan.

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