MechKeys Spring Sale 2024: Exciting Discounts & Exclusive Gifts With Up To 30% Off

Winter is settling down and we are soon going to get into the beautiful Spring season. We will have a colourful, blooming Spring season after a chilling winter this time. To celebrate the love and fresh energy of Spring, MechKeys are excited to announce our latest Spring Season sale 2024.  Exciting offers with up to 30% off on an exclusive range of products from top brands in the industry including JamesDonkey, ZAOPIN, MCHOSE, PHYLINA, Edifier, WAIZOWL, Monsgeek, etc. So, get ready to experience the first biggest sale of 2024 with MechKeys with our amazing Spring Deals. Our Spring sale starts on 18th March and since it is our first biggest sale of 2024, we have made sure you will get enough days to buy your favourite gear. We will also be bringing amazing deals and offers on our Aliexpress store, so you can do your shopping there as well. Let’s explore some exclusive offers for this sale!!

Exclusive Gifts For Our Buyers This Spring Sale:-

We are also delighted to announce that we will be offering exclusive gifts to our customers this Spring Sale 2024. There are three special offers for our customers such as For every order exceeding $100 in price value will receive an $8 coupon or 500 reward points, users will have to contact our customer service team with the order number for this. Next for any keyboard kit or complete keyboard over $99, we will ship 15 free switches shipped with your order. This gift is valid from 22nd to 27th march. Last but not least, for every ZAOPIN Z1 Pro, buyers will get a free set of Z1 Pro grip tape shipped with their order. Enjoy exclusive benefits with these exclusive gifts only available on MechKeys as a special Spring Sale offer!!


ZAOPIN Z1 Pro: Designed For Gamers!!

Retail: $46.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $40.88.

Gamers rejoice, ZAOPIN’s high-end Z1 Pro gaming mice is coming to you with an amazing deal this Spring season. The premium 4K gaming mice combines the power of the NORDIC 52840 efficient main control chipset and high-end PAW3395 sensor together to bring us an outstanding performance. The Z1 Pro has a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI, and it has amazing tracking control with precise accuracy all thanks to its premium-quality high-end sensor. It is a high-end flagship-level gaming mouse with a feather-like ultra-lightweight design coming in at just 46 grams. ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is an amazing choice for both gamers and enthusiasts who want to experience ultimate-level performance!! Get yours for an exclusive offer price of $40.88 this Spring season!!

MCHOSE A5 Ultra: Ultimate Gaming Mice!!

Retail: $57.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $49.29.

MCHOSE A5 series of wireless gaming mice has been known for its amazing performance, the latest instalment to the series, the MCHOSE A5 Ultra takes the performance of the series to a completely new level. The A5 Ultra houses a Realtek main control chipset that promises up to 8000Hz return rate in wired mode and up to 4000Hz return rate in wireless 2.4Ghz mode. It comes with a nano-sized 4K receiver as well, not to mention the outstandingly beautiful new Pink colour looks on the A5 ultra. MCHOSE A5 Ultra adopts a high-end PAW3395 sensor promising ultimate level performance with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI and pixel-precise accurate tracking. MCHOSE A5 ultra is all set to unleash a new level of performance for gamers out there, grab this stunning mouse for just $49.29 during our Spring sale 2024.

MechKeys x Z Review Rinko Touch Keycaps: Exclusive Designer Keycaps!!

Retail: $69.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $48.99.

The first offer on our favourite set of keycaps, the exclusively designed Rinko Touch Keycaps are going to be available at an amazing deal this Spring season. With their designer look, premium feel, and exclusive design, the Rinko Touch Keycaps are here to effectively elevate the look and feel of your keyboard and give it an entirely new vibe. The set comes with 156 keycaps which makes it easier to use on different layout options including 65%, 75%, 80%, 96%, etc. Made using high-quality PBT material, the Rinko Touch Keycaps take your keyboard’s look to the next level. Get the Rinko Touch Keycaps for an exclusive deal offer this Spring Sale, available for just $48.99.

Edifier Hecate G3M Pro: Efficient Gaming Mouse with Dual Clicking Modes!!

Retail: $39.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $35.99.

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro is a high-end three-mode wireless gaming mouse designed especially for competitive gamers. The mouse has dual operating modes supporting both gaming and silent-clicking modes. You can enjoy two types of clicking modes that affect your usage experience depending on your use case. It comes equipped with a flagship-grade PAW3395 sensor that provides silky smooth 26000DPI sensitivity support and pixel-precise accurate tracking as well. G3M Pro is an excellent mouse that comes easy on the pocket, and we have made sure you get an even better deal this Spring sale, available for just $35.99!!

WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K Gaming Mice: Unleash Full Performance With Precise Accuracy!!

Retail: $99.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $94.99.

WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K is one of our favourite three-mode gaming mice. With an ultra-lightweight build, and WAIZOWL’s Surpass Speed technology, the mouse offers excellent performance with stable connectivity, accurate mouse tracking, and efficient battery life. With a 4K wireless return rate, the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud offers instantaneous response and accurate tracking performance. It comes equipped with a PAW3395 high-end sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI.  WAIZOWL OGM Cloud adopts a NORDIC 52840 core chipset for efficient performance and a 4K polling rate, it makes the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud a great choice for everyday users!!

WAIZOWL FUKUROU Mousepad: Designer Gaming Mousepad!!

Retail: $39.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $37.99.

WAIZOWL Fukurou is an amazing Esports series gaming mousepad that instantly enhances your usage experience with smoother glide and better control. It has a finely woven top surface with a figurative NightOwl design and a non-slippery rubber bottom. Waizowl Fukurou offers a balanced mouse glide response with improved control for the users. Treat your mouse this season with the WAIZOWL Fukurou gaming series mousepad and elevate your gaming experience!!

Darmoshark M3-S: Excellent Comfort, Great Performance!!

Retail: $59.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $50.99.

Darmoshark M3-S offers you excellent performance with three-mode convenient connectivity options. The mouse supports a maximum return rate of 2KHz, offering perfect trigger response and silky smooth tracking performance. It houses PAW3395 high-end optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. The M3-S has a feather-like lightweight design and offers excellent performance with the flagship-grade sensor. Darmoshark has also featured TTC dustproof micro-motion switches and a TTC golden scroll wheel for durable performance with the M3-S. Darmoshark M3-S is available with exciting offers during our Spring Season sale, if you are looking for a high-performance gaming mouse with a lightweight design, the Darmoshark M3-S is a great choice!!

LOFREE OE909: Unique Designer Mouse!!

Retail: $69.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $59.49.

Most of the products in Lofree’s catalogue have an artistic and unique design approach, the OE909 is something unique and something special. This three-mode convenient mouse has a unique design approach and features hot-swappable buttons, probably the only mouse that has this feature. The Left and Right buttons can be replaced with other designer options. It also features an OLED display screen that provides basic information related to the mouse functionality. LOFREE OE909 is a brilliantly designed mouse that has a captivating design and unique feel, a perfect mouse for different scenarios, get an amazing deal on the Lofree OE909 mouse only during our Spring Sale!!

Monsgeek M7W: Compact & Colorful Keyboard!!

Retail: $129.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $110.49.

Monsgeek M7W is a 68-key ultra-compact keyboard with eye-catching gradient colour theme options. The keys here are made using high-quality PBT material and the chassis has a premium anti-oxidised aluminium shell. Monsgeek M7W has an RGB full-colour backlight, hot-swappable sockets, a high-efficiency 5000mAh battery, Sound absorbing internal padding, Upgraded steel satellite stabilizers, three-mode connectivity, etc. as the main key features. Monsgeek M7W is available at a discounted deal during our Spring Season sale, Let’s upgrade your setup with the Monsgeek M7W three-mode wireless keyboard.

ESPTIGER Shan Hai Mousepad: Five Different Variants, Five DIfferent Surface Smoothness!!

Retail: $55.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $53.19.

Introducing the ESPTIGER Shan Hai, it’s a premium quality gaming mouse pad available in five different variants. Each variant of this mousepad has a different level of top-surface smoothness, allowing you to choose the one that is appropriate for your use case. Each and every single variant is crafted with high-quality material offering consistent performance and a stable grip at the bottom. ESPTIGER Shan Hai is an amazing pad suitable for different use case scenarios, from gamers to professionals, we are sure everyone is going to enjoy the ultimate performance of the mousepad. ESPTIGER Shan Hai mousepad will be available at a discounted price of $53.19 during our Spring Sale!!

AULA F87 Pro: Compact TKL Keyboard WIth RGB Backlight!!

Retail: $75.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $68.39.

Are you looking to add a versatile and feature-rich 87-key TKL keyboard to your collection? AULA F87 Pro is a brilliant offering with dynamic RGB/Monochrome backlight options, and side strips as well. It offers comfortable typing feedback with a single-key slotted PCB plate, gasket-mounted internal structure, five-layered internal padding, etc. Typing on the F87 Pro is convenient and comfortable with a soft cushiony feel. AULA F87 Pro offers a wide range of features including 3ms response time, musical rhythmic backlight effects, full-key hot-swappable sockets, injection-molded PBT keycaps, etc. AULA F87 Pro is a brilliant choice that fits perfectly into different setups, grab it for an amazing deal price of $68.39 during our Spring Season sale!!

PHYLINA S450: Dual-Mode High-Performance Gaming Mice!!

Retail: $49.99.

Spring Deal Offer: $44.99.

PHYLINA S4650 brings us a combination of great comfort and performance. It has a lightweight design with dual-mode connectivity options. The mouse comes equipped with a flagship PAW3395 optical sensor offering high sensitivity for smooth tracking and fast response time. The mouse weighs just 53 grams combined with the ergonomic shape, we get great comfort with the S450. It’s a high-performance gaming mouse that offers quality performance with great comfort, grab it during our Spring Sale!!

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0: Premium Mechanical Keyboard With Colorful Display Screen!!

Retail: $115.99.

Spring Sale Offer: $92.79.

JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 is the latest and the most equipped keyboard from JamesDonkey. The RS2 3.0 features a colourful display screen along with three-mode convenient connectivity and a compact 99-key layout. Equipped with premium Gateron G Pro 2.0 and Kailh Box V2 mechanical switches, the RS2 3.0 offers outstanding performance with comfortable and satisfying typing feedback.  It also features a multifunction knob and a full-colour RGB backlight that provides you with a premium user experience. JamesDonkey RS2 3.0 is a keyboard that fits perfectly into different setups and provides a complete list of advanced features. If you want a keyboard for your office or gaming setup, the RS2 3.0 by JamesDonkey is on our default recommendation list. Grab it for an exclusive offer during our Spring Sale!!

Whether you are a seasoned mechanical keyboard enthusiast a serious gamer, or simply just a tech enthusiast who loves exploring new and updated products, we assure you amazing deals and offers this sale.Start the charming Spring full of vibrant colours with our exclusive deals on a huge range of Mechanical keyboards, keycaps, gaming mice, etc.

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