TTC QingLong Year Of The Dragon Special Edition Micro Motion Mouse Switches

TTC starts the Year of the Dragon with a new Launch. TTC as we all are aware, is a famous name in the industry that a range of exclusive mechanical switches. Over the years, TTC has partnered with top brands in the industry to feature their mechanical switches. You can also buy switches from TTC and put them easily into your hot-swappable keyboards and mice. Today, TTC has unveiled its latest micro-motion switches for gaming mice, presenting you the TTC QingLong Switches. Designed with perfection, the TTC QingLong switches are designed especially for people who want a better gaming experience with smooth typing and no double-click issues.

TTC QingLong Switches-1

TTC has beautifully crafted the switches with a transparent Green top cover with a year of the Dragon design totem on the side. The switches are designed with TTC’s original 5-layer dust-proof design structure that promises complete protection from dust to the switches. The dustproof design also ensures stable clicks with no wobbling. The TTC QingLong Switches have been professionally adjusted for an enhanced clicking experience. These have been carefully designed for gamers who want smooth and precise clicking responses.

TTC QingLong Switches-2

As for technical parameters, the TTC QingLong switches offer comfortable and precise typing with a trigger force of 65±5gf, a 0.3mm conducting stroke, a total key travel of 7.35mm, and a click life of 100 million clicks. With their smooth and quick rebound, the TTC QingLong switches offer a great clicking experience. These have been designed to deliver an accurate and precise clicking with no double click issue, making these ideal for e-sports competitive titles. TTC will be launching the QingLong switches with Darmoshark’s upcoming flagship Mg-Al gaming mouse which will be available later this month.

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