MEIZU PANDAER Game Start Keycaps: Vivid Game-Themed Dye-Sublimed PBT Keycaps

Escape into the world of gaming with the all-new Game Start keycaps from PANDAER. This new designer keycap set brings a new life to your keyboard with its vivid and lively color theme. The keycaps are made using a high-quality Dye-sublimation process with PBT material. The set has 108 keycaps and comes with 44 supplementary keycaps. Create a complete game-themed desktop setup with the all-new PANDAER Game Start Keycaps on your keyboard!!

PANDAER Game Start-1

PANDAER Game Start Keycaps are priced at 89.99$, refer here for more information.

Game Start Keycaps have got an upgraded Bear Paw Touch 2.0 custom profile. The keycap radian has been optimized with a comfortable tapping arc at the top, promising a comfortable typing experience. They have an ergonomic profile, easy and comfortable for typing.

PANDAER Game Start-2

You get a new design theme with the Game Start keycaps. As the name states, the entire theme is based on Gaming elements helping you create your own personalized gaming mechanical keyboard. Most of the mechanical keyboards in the market give a simple set of keycaps and upgrade them with the new Game Start Keycaps for a unique experience. The keycaps here are crafted using a dye-sublimed printing process and are made up of high-quality PBT material. PBT material as we all know is highly durable for keycaps. The Game Start Keycaps are oil and wear-resistant. You won’t notice them fading off anytime soon.

With their 108-key set and 44 supplementary keycaps, One can use the Game Start Keycaps on any keyboard of their choice. They support everything from a 40% alphanumeric keyboard to a 65% ultra-compact, and 100% full-sized keyboards. Supplementary keycaps include different designs from the standard ones and can easily serve as replacements.

PANDAER Game Start-3

Pandaer Game Start Keycaps take your gaming keyboard to an all-new level of awesomeness. Each key gets crazy legends with game-related design elements. If you are a gaming enthusiast, the Game Start Keys are an ideal set for you!! Check out more information about them here.

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