Cherry Introduces All-New "Xaga Obsidian" Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboards With Three-Side Transparent PBT Keycaps

Cherry is a widely-recognized mechanical keyboard brand from Germany. The brand is known for two top things in the market today, its premium mechanical keyboards, and its high-performance mechanical switches. Their mechanical switches are widely used among the top-branded mechanical keyboards. Today, Cherry has released its all-new series of premium mechanical keyboards, the Cherry Xaga Obsidian Series. The Xaga Obsidian series will be dedicated to gamers packing a new, refreshing design with beautiful color themes. Another key feature of the new Xaga Obsidian series of mechanical keyboards by Cherry is their unique Keycap design. It’s new, and innovative, with a PBT top and transparent three-sided light transmitting design.

Cherry Xaga Obsidian-1

Cherry Xaga Obsidian series of mechanical keyboards are currently launched in three color themes, “Nebula”, “Meteor”, and “Asaka”. Each with an exclusive lightning effect. The unique keycaps are crafted using a dye-sublimation process. The sides and back of the keycaps are matte-finished and have a transparent shell design. This gives the keyboards a unique and beautiful designer look. The Cherry Xaga Obsidian keyboards are based on the Cherry MX8.2 Keyboard with Original MX switches. The keyboards will be available in ultra-responsive speed silver and fun tactile MX Brown switches. They provide versatile connectivity with triple connection modes supporting high-speed wireless 2.4Ghz, ultra-low-latency Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Cherry has equipped the Xaga Obsidian-themed keyboards with a double-layer sound-absorbing design combined with an aluminum alloy bottom panel for pure typing pleasure!!

Cherry Xaga Obsidian-2

With all-new unique three-sided transparent ear shells, triple connection modes, premium switches, exclusive lighting effects, and many more features, the latest Cherry Xaga Obsidian keyboards offer an amazing package for mechanical keyboard lovers. The series brings an all-new experience for the users!! Cherry has aimed to bring more new designer products to its catalog!!

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