METAPHYUNI Metapanda01 High-Performance PAW3395 Gaming Mouse

Gamers rejoice, we have brought you an amazing new high-performance gaming mouse, introducing the all-new Metaphyuni Metapanda01 professional esports gaming mouse. The Metapanda01 is designed with a flagship-level PAW3395 optical sensor that provides exceptional performance with highly accurate tracking and silky-smooth movement with the best in-class sensitivity range. Metaphyuni Metapanda01 gaming mouse has an ultra-fast response time with low-latency wireless connectivity. Users can enjoy silky smooth performance with its 1ms fast response time. It’s a mouse that will instantly improve your gaming experience with better aim control, and smoother tracking performance, and the lightweight design with comfortable ergonomics are just the icing on the cake for an improved user experience. Grab the Metaphyuni Metapanda01 high-speed gaming mouse for just 39.99$, it’s available in a stunning white colour option. Know more details here.

Metaphyuni Metapanda01-1

METAPHYUNI has designed the Metapanda01 gaming mouse with the original phase PAW3395 optical sensor. It offers excellent performance for the users with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. With proper driver integration, users can easily adjust the DPI sensitivity easily and assign different keys for easy switching on the go. The mouse provides fast 1ms response time with 1000Hz return rate support. It’s a mouse that will instantly improve your gaming experience with better control of the aim and faster tracking speed. Take your gaming experience to an all-new level of awesomeness with the Metapanda01 gaming mouse.

Metaphyuni Metapanda01-2

The Metaphyuni Metapanda01 gaming mouse adopts high-quality Kailh Black Mamba micro-motion switches/ They offer crisp clicking feedback with an incredible durability rating. The left and right keys adopt these Kailh Black mamba switches. They have a rated durability of over 80 million clicks. The mouse adopts an ergonomic shape that promises a comfortable grip for most users and lightweight ergonomics. The Metapanda01 weighs just 60 grams and offers excellent performance. Metaphyuni bundles the Metapanda01 with high-quality sweat-absorbing and anti-slippery stickers.

The Metapanda01 offers an easy and convenient experience with its convenient three-mode connectivity. The Mouse supports wireless 2.4GHz, wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB connection options. It supports a maximum return rate of 1000Hz enabling 1ms ultra-fast trigger response and smooth movement. The Metapanda01 can be connected to a variety of devices ranging from Windows/Mac devices to Android smartphones and tablets. METAPHYUNI has equipped the Metapanda01 gaming mouse with a high-capacity 500mAh battery. Its efficient design enables an outstanding battery life durability of up to 135 hours with a single full charge.

Metaphyuni Metapanda01-3

METAPHYUNI Metapanda01 is an amazing high-performance gaming mouse. Experience lightning-fast control, precise accuracy, and improved overall experience with faster response time. The Metapanda01 is available at an amazing price of just 39.99$, you can order yours today!!

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