Mechkeys Black Friday Sale: Exclusive Discounts & Attractive Offers Waiting For You!!

Double 11 Sale event has ended and we are thankful to the community for showering us with so much support, We are now preparing ourselves for another grand sale, the wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is finally going to be over. Gamers, prepare yourselves to dominate the market with our arsenal of high-performance types of equipment including gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, and more. Get ready to transform your workstations with high-quality gear that effectively improves your productivity with exclusive features. MechKeys is going to bring you an exclusive sale with exciting offers and discounts this Black Friday season. Our sale begins 23rd November and it will be active till 29th of November with exclusive offers. This sale will pack countless deals on famous products that will instantly improve your gaming experience with faster response times, enhanced connectivity features, and many more advanced features. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare your wallets for a tempting sale where each product will make you click on the Buy Now button!! We are not going to just offer you exciting deals, we will help you forge your perfect workstation setup that’ll revolutionize your gaming and productivity experiences. You can check out our entire sales catalog here, and let’s explore some of our favourite deals now!! 

Mechkeys x Z Reviews Rinko Touch Keycaps: Durable, Designer, Super Amazing!!

Retail: $69.99.

Black Friday Offer: $48.99.

Upgrade your regular mechanical keyboard with the all-new Z Reviews Rinko Touch Keycaps designed in collaboration with Zeos. These are super amazing keycaps made up of high-quality PBT material and feature a designer theme based on the Rinko character developed exclusively. The set includes 156 keycaps perfectly matched and compatible with different layouts. These keycaps are made up of durable PBT material, they offer a great in-hand feel as well. If you are looking to get the best out of your current keyboard, these probably are the ones that will feed them with new life. Grab the amazing Rinko Touch keycaps for just 48.99$ during our Black Friday sale!!

FEKER Alice98: Comfortable Alice-Layout Keyboard!!

Retail: $179.99.

Black Friday Offer: $165.59.

FEKER Alice98 is a one of its kind keyboard, with an exclusive Alice layout, the keyboard offers excellent user experience. It is crafted with great precision to offer a unique experience to its users. The keyboard features versatile three-mode connectivity and houses a gasket-mounted structure design along with a high-quality PC material positioning board. We also have multi-layered internal padding that ensures comfortable soft-elastic typing. Get an exclusive offer on the FEKER Alice98 keyboard and treat your workstation with something unique this Black Friday.

Darmoshark M3-S: Silky Smooth High-Performance Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $59.99.

Black Friday Offer: $55.19.

Darmoshark M3S is an excellent gaming mouse that comes with a versatile three-mode connectivity option. It supports ultra-fast performance with a maximum return rate of 2K. It’s a highly ergonomic mouse with a feather-like lightweight design and offers excellent performance with the flagship PAW3395 sensor. The mouse has a maximum sensitivity of up to 26000DPI promising silky smooth performance. Darmoshark has equipped the mouse with TTC dustproof micro-motion switches and a TTC golden scroll wheel for durable performance. Darmoshark M3-S is available with exciting offers during our Black Friday sale, make sure you get one for yourself!!

Darmoshark M3 4K Mouse: Unlock New Performance Level With 4K Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $69.99.

Black Friday Offer: $64.39.

Darmoshark M3 4K is one of the most affordable 4K gaming mice on the planet. With its outstanding 4K return rate, the M3 4K provides lighting fast response time. Every single click is registered perfectly and the tracking is also silky smooth. It is a solid flagship-level performer with a lightweight design, three-mode connectivity, flagship PAW3395 gaming sensor, Kailh GM8.0 Black Mamba micro-motion switches, etc. as key features. Darmoshark M3 4K is something that fits perfectly into any setup and provides exceptional performance. Get yourself a M3 4K and experience the magic yourself!!

Edifier Hecate G3M Pro: High-Performance PAW3395 Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $39.99.

Black Friday Offer: $36.79.

EDIFIER HECATE G3M Pro is a high-end three-mode wireless gaming mouse designed especially for competitive gamers. The mouse has dual operating modes supporting both gaming and silent operations. It comes equipped with a flagship-grade PAW3395 sensor that provides silky smooth 26000DPI sensitivity support. G3M Pro is an excellent mouse that comes easy on the pocket, and we have made sure you get an even better deal this Black Friday, order yours today!!

WAIZOWL Fukurou: High-Quality Esports Gaming Mousepad!!

Retail: $39.99.

Black Friday Offer: $38.79.

Looking to upgrade your setup with an Esports series gaming mousepad? WAIZOWL has the perfect choice available in the form of WAIZOWL Fukurou, an amazing mousepad with a finely woven structure, a non-slippery rubber base, and a figurative NightOwl design. It brings a balanced response, your mouse will glide smoothly and still have full control in your hands. So what are you waiting for, grab the Fukurou at an exclusive deal this Black Friday!!

Esptiger Lotus Pink/ Black Glass Mousepad: Silky Smooth Glide For Your Mice!!

Retail: $55.99.

Black Friday Offer: $51.51

Something new and innovative, the ESPTIGER Lotus Pink/Black Glass Mousepad are high-quality mousepad made using high-quality BQ-Grade Aluminosilicate glass with a full Tempered finish. The mousepad is crafted using high-precision micron-level etching for a uniform, delicate texture, and premium finish. It offers an exclusive user experience, you will find your mouse gliding across smoothly with no interruptions on the way. ESPTIGER has designed it with composite coating for enhanced durability. Get this amazing mousepad for your setup at an exclusive deal price this Black Friday.

Mchose A5 Series Mouse: Lightweight High-Performance Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $39.99.

Black Friday Offer: $38.39.

MCHOSE offers an exclusive range of high-quality gaming mice in its A5 series. The series has a feather-like lightweight gaming mouse with dual-mode and three-mode connectivity options. They come equipped with a premium PAW3395 optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI.  The premium models house the NORDIC main chipset offering enhanced performance with 4K return rate support. MCHOSE A5 promises a quality user experience with smooth tracking, precise accuracy, and enhanced connectivity with the source device.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro: Flagship-level Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $49.99.

Black Friday Offer: $43.23.

ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is a flagship-level gaming mouse that comes equipped with premium internal components including a NORDIC 52840 chipset, PAW3395 optical sensor, and more. The mouse offers impressive performance with a maximum sensitivity of 26000DPI. Z1 Pro also has an adjustable return rate supporting 1000Hz, 2000Hz, and even 4000Hz return rate with a supported 4K receiver. The ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is one of the lightest mice weighing in at just 46 grams, offering incredible grip and control to the users. ZAOPIN Z1 Pro is the perfect mouse that anyone can buy today. Grab this outstanding mouse at an amazing deal this Black Friday Sale!!

PHYLINA S450: Dual-Mode High-Performance Gaming Mouse!!

Retail: $49.99.

Black Friday Offer: $45.99.

PHYLINA S4650 brings us a combination of great comfort and performance. We have a lightweight dual-mode mouse with a flagship PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor offering high sensitivity for smooth tracking and fast response time. The mouse weighs just 53 grams combined with the ergonomic shape, we get great comfort with the S450. Get an exciting offer price on the PHYLINA S450 during our black friday sale!!

KZZI Z98: Feature-Loaded Mechanical Keyboard!!

Retail: $119.99.

Black Friday Offer: $107.99.

Next up is one of our favourite keyboards, the KZZI Z98. It is a compact keyboard with a built-in interactive display screen. The keyboard features durable PBT material keycaps along with a four-layered shock-absorbing padded gasket structure design for comfortable typing and great in-hand feel. It features TTC’s innovative high-speed rain-structure mechanical switches. The Z98 has convenient three-mode connectivity as well as a colourful RGB backlight for a dynamic experience. You can get the KZZI Z98 for an amazing deal during our Black Friday sale, do check it out!! 

LOFREE OE909: Productively Elegant!!

Retail: $69.99.

Black Friday Offer: $64.39.

LOFREE is a brand which is known for its innovatively unique products, the OE909 is a beautifully crafted mouse with hot-swappable buttons. The left and right keys can be swapped without worry. You can even purchase the mous with designer keys as well. The mouse has three easy connection modes including wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired USB connections. Lofree also features an OLED display screen in the mouse. It is a mouse that will instantly improve the look of your workstation, it has that aura within itself. Get the OE909 at a discounted deal during our Black Friday Sale!!

Lofree Flow Low-Profile Keyboard: Minimalistic!!

Retail: $149.99.

Black Friday Offer: $134.99.

Do you love minimalistic products? Lofree’s latest Flow is a low-profile keyboard with a compact 84-key TKL Layout and an elegant form factor. The keyboard has a simple and elegant design. Lofree has crafted this stunning keyboard with specially crafted aluminium alloy chassis and durable PBT material keycaps. The keyboard has a monochrome backlight with RGB colourful ambient light. It comes with high-quality POM material switches that are designed in collaboration with Kailh. LOFREE Flow speaks for itself with its elegant design and premium typing feedback. We assure you will get the best deal on the Lofree Flow this Black Friday season!!

Monsgeek M1: Premium Aluminum Alloy Keyboard Kit!!

Retail: $99.99.

Black Friday Offer: $89.99.

Monsgeek M1 is a high-quality aluminium alloy keyboard kit with an 82-key arrangement. The kit is crafted with a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process. The core material here is a 6-series high-quality aluminium alloy material. Monsgeek has featured a soft-elastic gasket-mounted structure for a comfortable user experience. The M1 kit allows for easy typing with its full-key conflict-free operation and allows the users to DIY with hot-swappable sockets. The M1 also has a multi-function knob for volume and brightness adjustment. Monsgeek M1 is a fantastic quality keyboard kit that can be used as a starting point for DIY keyboard projects!! We will be offering an amazing deal on this stunning keyboard kit to get you started.

AKKO MOD 007PC Mechanical Keyboard: Special 7th Anniversary Keyboard!!

Retail: $139.99.

Black Friday Offer: $132.99.

AKKO MOD007 PC is a special 7th-anniversary edition keyboard with a unique designer theme. The keyboard is available with amazing Yellow Magnetic switches, These switches are customizable, and users can easily adjust different settings on these with ease. This keyboard has a compact 75% layout with a built-in gasket-mounted design and a three-layered sound-absorbing structure. This keyboard is an experience on its own, an amazing one in that regard. Grab the AKKO 007PC mechanical keyboard for an amazing deal during our black friday sale!!

Final Words:-

Black Friday sale brings tempting deals all across the globe. We have tried our best to bring you exciting offers and discounts on a wide range of PC peripherals including high-quality mechanical keyboards, Gaming Mice, and more. These above-mentioned products are just our favourite models during the sale, the entire sale has much more products waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?? Upgrade your workstation or entertainment system with all-new gadgets this season!! Check out our entire sales catalog here.

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