MIKIT Launches M65 Green Fields & CL80 Three-Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

When we talk about artistic and designer mechanical keyboards, only a few names come up to our minds like the IQUNIX, Varmilo, etc. MIKIT is another such brand well recognized for its unique take on mechanical keyboards. Today, MIKIT has released two new mechanical keyboards, the M65 Green Fields and the CL80 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. Both the M65 and the CL80 bring something new to the table for the users, so let’s find out more about them.

MIKIT M65 Green Fields:-

Price: Starts at 119$.

As the name might have suggested, M65 Green Fields has a green design theme. The brand advertises it as Evergreen, and lively, and they have treated the keyboard with a beautiful finish consisting of two tones of green. The keyboard itself has a 65% ultra-compact form factor along with a multi-function volume knob. It supports triple-connection modes consisting of Bluetooth V5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C. With its Bluetooth connection, the M65 can be connected to 3 devices simultaneously and supports seamless switching between them. As for the build, MIKIT has given the keyboard a gasket-mounted internal structure for solid and stabilized performance. It uses high-quality Kalih Box and TTC mechanical switches. Keycaps here are made using high-quality Dual-toned dye-sublimed PBT material. M65 Green Fields is available with a multi-color RGB backlight as a different variant priced at 139$. And the keyboard has an extended battery life with its large 2800mAh battery. We personally love the looks and design of the M65 Green Fields, you can check out more details here.



>Colourful Green design.

>65% Compact Form Factor.

>Multi-function knob.

>Triple-connection modes.

>Gasket-mounted structure.

>Dual-toned PBT keycaps.

>OEM height ergonomic keycaps.

>Large 2800mAh battery.

>Extended battery life.

>Available with full RGB backlight.

>All-key conflict-free operation.

>High-quality Kalih Box and TTC mechanical switches.

>Key-line separation.

MIKIT CL80 Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard:-

Price: Starts at 119$.

Ever wanted a high-quality mechanical keyboard with all advanced features such as triple-connections, high-quality switches, premium build, and at the same time a low-profile design? The MIKIT CL80 is the answer to your requirements, this newly designed 80% wireless mechanical keyboard features an artistic low-profile design. The keyboard looks simply wonderful available in two striking color options. Another point of attraction is the two large keys placed at the side of the keyboard. These are actually volume keys, which allow the users to easily switch the volume level. Main features of the MIKIT CL80 mechanical keyboard include Triple connection modes, dye-sublimed PBT keycaps, TTC mini mechanical switches, a unique and artistic design, OEM height concave top keycaps, etc. MIKIT CL80 brings an artistic look to a low-profile TKL mechanical keyboard for your desktop. It starts at 119$ for most of the switches, the TTC Mini Speed Silver variant is priced at 139$. Check out more details here.



>Unique, Innovative fun design.

>80% Compact TKL layout.

>Additional Volume adjustment keys.

>TTC Mini Mechanical Switches.

>Low-profile design.

>Concave keycap top for a comfortable typing experience.

>Dual-toned PBT keycaps.

>Three-connection modes.

>Extended battery life.

>Adjustable height with two-level feet.

>Key-line separation.

>Wireless 2.4GHz Adapter storage compartment.

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