Varmilo X Kalih Releases POM Pro Crane Mechanical Switches

When Kalih came up with the Cream POM shaft a few months back, both domestic and foreign players loved its super smooth response and special bottoming sound. Now, Kalih in collaboration with Varmilo has designed a brand new POM Pro material mechanical switch, the Varmilo x Kalih POM Pro Crane mechanical switches. These are said to bring a super smooth trigger response with a light trigger force. The set is launched officially for 99$(for 110 switches).

Varmilo X Kalih Pom Pro Crane-1

Over the course of about a year and a half, Kalih researched different material ratios to design a new POM Pro material. It is being told that they took regular updates from Varmilo during the same and then the finalized material was named KH18 to appreciate everyone’s efforts. For those who don’t know, POM is a premium material that offers supreme lubricity and softness. The switches come pre-lubed from the factory and on top of that, the POM material shaft self-lubricates itself upon use. The more you use the POM Pro Crane switches, the smoother they become. Kalih has featured a long 20mm spring inside the switch body, this long switch protects the user from accidental triggers. Kalih has said they will be designing more POM Pro switches using different materials.

Varmilo X Kalih Pom Pro Crane-2

The latest Varmilo x Kalih POM Pro Crane Mechanical switches have got an elegant dark green switch body along with a white-colored shaft. They look elegant and have a beautiful color combination. These come under the Kalih Box series switches and offers high durability of up to 50 million keystrokes. The Varmilo x Kalih POM Pro Crane mechanical switches are launched officially for 99$ for a set of 110 switches. Feel free to check out more information here.


>Varmilo’s first fully POM customized mechanical switch.

>Developed in collaboration with Kalih.

>New KH18 full POM material.

>Super light trigger response with an actuation force of just 37gf.

>Linear and smooth operation.

>Large 20mm spring to prevent accidental presses.

>Dark green and elegant white color matching.

>Highly durable with 50million keystroke life.

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