QMSEN Announces New KBF005 Hot-Swappable PCB Sockets For Mechanical Keyboards

The best part of mechanical keyboards is their easy customizability. Everything right from the keycaps and switches can easily be replaced. Most Mechanical keyboards in the market come with hot-swappable PCBs where users can easily replace the switches and customize their experience. Users also get an option to replace the PCB sockets on the main keyboard plate more to their liking. Today, QMSEN a well-recognized tech brand from Shenzhen, China has released its new PCB sockets, the QMSEN KBF005.


KBF005 PCB sockets have got a new structure design making the seat yield and place itself a little higher with a more stable connection, more durable connection, improved adaptability, and stronger compatibility with most mechanical switches in the market. The KBF005 PCB Shafts adopt a new S-type contact shrapnel structure. It offers longer life for the connectors and supports up to 5000 times plugging and unplugging of mechanical switches. Users can easily replace the mechanical switches on their keyboards without worrying much about damaging the PCB socket.

With their upgraded connectors, mechanical switches sit and connect firmly to the socket bringing a smooth typing experience for the users. KB005 PCB Socket has a Guide thorn and card point structure providing the socket a firm assembly. QMSEN has designed the socket with a unique design. When a new switch is placed on to the KBF005 socket, the terminal point will generate stress to lock in the switch at the first pin. When the second contact point is pressed, the end of the S-type Shrapnel will contact the metal wall of the switch and firmly clamps the foot of the switch onto it.

Since the terminal rebound expansion space and support points for both the first and second contact points is different, the KB005 holds on to the mechanical switches firmly. The connection is stable with better durability. KBF005 double contact point structure supports switches with 0.2mm-0.6mm seats.

PCB Sockets in mechanical keyboards can also affect the typing experience. Stable sockets obviously bring a firm, smooth, rich typing experience. The latest QMSEN KBF005 PCB Sockets are designed to bring stability to your keyboard with their double contact point design. The connection points are designed professionally for a firm connection and adaptability with most switches in the market.

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