DAREU Collaborates With AndaSeat for Victory-5 E-Sports Team Themed Peripherals

DAREU is a widely known computer peripheral brand from China. They are the manufacturers and marketers of premium PC peripherals including Mechanical Gaming keyboards, Gaming Mice, etc. Today, DAREU has come ahead with AndaSeat, a famous gaming chair brand from China. DAREU and AndaSeat both are the sponsors of LPL Team Victory 5 from the professional esports tournaments. Both the brands have collectively designed a collection of premium peripherals based on the Victory 5 Team theme of Blue and White colors. AndaSeat has previously designed several high-quality gaming chairs for famous esports teams like Fnatic, Navi, and many more.

DAREU x AndaSeat-1

DAREU has released a complete set consisting of a premium mechanical keyboard, high-speed gaming mice, and a gaming headset. The peripherals have got a rich blue and porcelain white-colored theme design. This is the color theme of the Victory 5 E-Sports team. The products also feature a traditional artwork design that gives the feeling of a hand-painted design. The professional designer team at DAREU has designed the products in a pure hand-painted way to make the products look and feel unique.

DAREU x AndaSeat-2

AndaSeat has launched a featured chair to this series, the color theme of the chair again matches the theme of Victory 5 theme with beautiful Blue and Porcelain white color themes. The chair features a unique design print with a 10,000 needle embroidery process. The chain is crafted using PVC high-grade leather material. AndaSeaet has crafted the chair with top-quality materials. The back seat has been widened to 56cm for a comfortable experience for the users. It has an integrated magnetic easy installation system. The chair cushion adopts a high-density powerful rebound sponge. It’s a very comfortable chair with a feather-like light-weight sitting feeling, dispersing waist and hip pressure, ensuring a totally comfortable sitting experience.

In the future, DAREU and AndaSeat will bring more products into the e-sports category. Stay tuned with us. You can check out more information about DAREU products here.

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