RAPOO V2M V+ 4KHz Polling Rate Ultra-Fast Wireless Mouse Receiver

RAPOO is a famous name in the PC Peripheral industry known mostly for its outstanding range of gaming mice and keyboards. RAPOO has now upgraded its catalog with the addition of an all-new product, introducing the RAPOO V2M. The V2M is a specially designed, high-performance 4K wireless mouse receiver that unleashes the full potential of your wireless gaming mouse with its 4KHz polling rate and 0.25ms response time. RAPOO has actually designed it with an intelligent algorithm with NXP high-performance hardware chip that enables its precise accuracy and high-speed performance!!

RAPOO V2M Wireless Receiver-1

RAPOO V2M is launched for 18.99$, check out more information here.

When it comes to esports or casual gaming scenes, every gamer out there wants their mouse to have perfect accuracy with smooth movement recognition and fast triggering. All this helps in defeating the competition and performing their best. With the RAPOO V2M wireless 4K receiver, this accuracy, this performance can be achieved with the latest-generation mouse. A mouse that is equipped with PAW Art 3395 or other equivalent or above optical sensors usually is capable of supporting a 4KHz return rate and ultra-fast response time. The V2M when connected with them unleashes its full performance in wireless mode, bringing full control to the hands of the gamers.

RAPOO V2M Wireless Receiver-2

RAPOO V2M has an elegant and classy design. It includes an RGB indicator light that glows in different colors based on the connection status and battery life of the connected mouse. The RAPOO V2M is fully compatible with RAPOO’s latest launched VT9 gaming mouse. You can use RAPOO Driver Software for setting up your mouse easily with the V2M 4K receiver.

RAPOO V2M Wireless Receiver-3

RAPOO V2M is launched in two color options, White and Black. It is priced at 18.99$, you can check more details and functions of the V2M over here.

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