Royal Kludge Announces R98: All-New Three-Mode Keyboard With TTC Iron Full POM Switches

Introducing the all-new R98 from Royal Kludge, a high-performance three-mode mechanical keyboard. Royal Kludge is a reputed name in the Keyboard industry. They have a huge collection of modern keyboards that are loved by the masses. Today, the R98 is unveiled with TTC’s brand-new TTC Iron full POM Material switches. The keyboard is loaded with advanced modern features including three-mode connectivity, customized Sound Absorbing Internals, hot-swappable sockets, a high-capacity lithium battery, etc. Royal Kludge has announced the R98 keyboard starting at 199 Yuan.

Royal Kludge RK98-1

Royal Kludge R98 mechanical keyboard has dynamic looks with stunning RGB elements built into the keyboard. Along with a dynamic RGB backlit design, the R98 also has an RGB strip on the side of the keyboard. We also have an RGB strip between the alphabet keys and the numeric keypad. The keyboard itself has a 98-key arrangement bringing in a compact package for the users while housing an almost full keyboard.

Royal Kludge has designed the R98 with a gasket-mounted structure design. The keyboard adopts a single-button slotted PCB + PC Positioning board with Poron sound-absorbing pads to suppress resonance noise and achieve a comfortable typing experience. Typing on the R98 is smooth like silk and has an elastic feel with every keystroke. R98 keyboard supports easy connectivity with different devices. It supports a three-mode connection featuring Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB Type-C connections.

Royal Kludge R98 is the world’s first keyboard that comes equipped with TTC’s latest “IRON” full POM material mechanical switches. They offer a silky smooth typing experience. Since they are made up of upgraded POM material, the more you type, the smoother these get. Apart from TTC Iron switches, the R98 will also have RK Green and Black Tactile switches, and Snow Yellow and Smoke Rain Customised Mechanical switches. The keyboard features Hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of mechanical switches. They have a dust-proof socket covering that protects the keyboard from dust particles and ensures stable performance in the long run.

Royal Kludge RK98-2

With a large 7200mAh built-in lithium-ion battery, the R98 keyboard provides an extended battery life. Enjoy comfortable typing with dynamic RGB strips and backlight, and never worry about the battery running out. This sounds like a complete package in the form of Royal Kludge R98. The keyboard starts at 199 Yuan.

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