RAPOO VT3S Dual-Mode Mouse With PAW3395 Flagship Optical Sensor!!

Founded back in 2002, RAPOO is a pioneer brand when it comes to high-quality premium PC peripherals. They design and develop high-quality components including mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, etc. Quite recently, RAPOO introduced the latest V2M high-speed mouse receiver, today they are back with a brand new product, introducing the all-new RAPOO VT3S. The VT3S is a premium two-mode wireless gaming mouse designed with a top-of-the-line PAW3395 Optical Sensor that provides exceptional precision and accuracy. It supports an adjustable DPI up to 26000 DPI, a fast-tracking speed of 650IPS, and quick 50g acceleration. RAPOO V2M is also a fantastic companion to the VT3S, it unleashes the full potential of VT3S with a high polling rate. The RAPOO VT3S is a fantastic mouse designed especially for gamers and enthusiasts who crave for perfect accuracy!!


RAPOO VT3S is priced at just 55.99$, it is also available in combination with the V2M High-Speed Wireless Receiver for just 65.99$. Check out more information here.

RAPOO VT3S utilizes RAPOO’s in-house developed V+ wireless connection technology. It benefits from a low-power Nordic chipset promising stable wireless connectivity with low-power consumption. With the help of flagship-grade PAW3395 Optical Sensor, the RAPOO VT3S promises top-quality performance for its users. It achieves class-leading performance with a high 26000DPI resolution, 650IPS Top-Speed, and 50G Acceleration. You get to experience lightning-fast performance with smooth tracking. In its stock form, the VT3S provides a response time of as low as 1 ms with a polling rate of 1000Hz. With the V2M Wireless Receiver, the mouse gets on steroids giving you a return rate of up to 4000Hz and a response time of 0.25ms.


RAPOO has featured high-quality Omron micro-motion switches on the VT3S. These switches offer a smooth, buttery-smooth clicking experience and give the user a satisfying quick rebound. They have long durability of up to 50 million clicks. Along with these premium switches, the mouse also has a gaming-grade scroll wheel. The mouse features Teflon feet for smooth and durable operation. Talking about ergonomics, the RAPOO VT3S has a very comfortable symmetrical design. It has non-slippery V-shaped patterns on the side for a comfortable grip.


RAPOO VT3S houses a large 800mAH battery that provides an extended battery life. The mouse provides a battery life of up to 175 hours with a single charge. It also supports a wireless charging function. The VT3S is compatible with Qi charging protocol supporting wireless chargers. RAPOO VT3S is fully compatible with Rapoo driver software. It allows for different settings adjustment on the mouse including DPI settings, RGB Lightning, Macro Definition, etc.). VT3S has support for cloud storage that helps you to save your configuration and share it with other players worldwide. RAPOO VT3S is an excellent mouse for both gamers and casual users, it starts at just 55.99$, check out more details here.

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