Fopato Introduces F75 Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard With Built-in TFT Display Screen

Mechanical Keyboards are a core component for any given gaming and entertainment setup. Today, most systems, even some office users prefer using mechanical keyboards. To keep up with the demand, The market is also evolving with new and better products almost every day. Today, we are bringing you a brand new compact 75% mechanical keyboard, the Fopato F75. Fopato F75 is a versatile high-performance mechanical keyboard with three-mode connectivity, gasket mounted structure, a built-in colorful TFT display screen, and many more advanced features. With high-performance TTC mechanical switches, the Fopato F75 delivers a satisfying typing experience for users. Its compact 81-key layout is perfect for a neat setup build.

Fopato F75-1

Fopato F75 is launched officially in four stunning color options with prices starting at 139.99$. Check out more information and details here.

The most attractive feature of the F75 mechanical keyboard is the 1.14” TFT-LCD colorful display screen. Its display settings can be adjusted easily using the driver software. This display can be set to display different functions and settings including time, connection settings, gif animations, static pictures, etc. There’s a knob right next to the screen that allows you to change the settings on the display. There’s also a volume knob for easy volume adjustment on the go.

Fopato F75-2

Fopato F75 mechanical keyboard features a gasket-mounted structure design. It gives the keyboard a soft, elastic feel while typing. Fopato F75 also has a multi-layered silicone padded design that effectively reduces sharp resonance sounds and provides soft acoustics upon keystrokes. The keyboard comes equipped with high-quality TTC mechanical switches featuring TTC Rabbit and TTC Neptune switches. Apart from these two options, you can easily replace the switches when required as it features hot-swappable sockets. Fopato F75 keyboard uses high-quality PBT keycaps, the keyboard is available in multiple color options, each one looking unique and charming.

Fopato F75-3

F75 has a dynamic look and features multicolor RGB Backlighting. The keyboard features up to 22 lighting effects consisting of both dynamic multicolor and single-color modes. Fopato has equipped the F75 with a high-capacity 4800mAh Battery. The F75 has an exquisite build and even features a magnetic metallic nameplate that hides a storage compartment underneath. It provides an extended battery life of up to 400 hours with a single charge. Fopato F75 is available in color options starting at 139.99$. Check out more information here.

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