Royal Kludge H81 75% Gasket Mounted Triple Connection Mechanical Keyboard WIth Mode-Switch Knob

Royal Kludge is a premium PC peripheral brand from China. They specialize in designing premium mechanical keyboards at pocket-friendly prices. Today, Royal Kludge has announced its latest portable 75% mechanical keyboard, the all-new Royal Kludge H81. It’s a sleek, compact mechanical keyboard that comes with premium TTC customized mechanical switches. Royal Kludge H81 keyboard is made available in three striking color options, Green, White, and Black each color having its own characterized TTC colorful linear axis switches.

Royal Kludge H81-1

Royal Kludge has released the H81 mechanical keyboard officially for just 109$, check out more information here.

RK H81 keyboard has got a sleek and compact form factor. The keyboard boasts a simple and compact 75% form factor with an 81-key layout. This consists of the regular alphanumeric keys combined with the function row keys and the arrow keys. The keyboard also retains Page Up/Down, and the Delete keys from the Home key cluster. RK H81 saves you a lot of desk space with its ultra-compact form factor and sleek design while being fully functional for both office users as well as gamers. Royal Kludge has also featured a unique mode-switch knob on the H81 that allows the users to easily switch the active connection mode.

Royal Kludge H81-2

Royal Kludge has designed a bunch of mechanical switches in collaboration with TTC(a famous mechanical switch brand). Each color gets its own color-matching mechanical shaft specifically designed by TTC. These switches have a linear axis along with light trigger force, quick trigger responses, and improved durability(up to 80 million keystrokes). Apart from these premium TTC mechanical switches, The Royal Kludge H81 also has hot-swappable PCB sockets allowing the users to easily replace the switches whenever required.

Royal Kludge H81-3

Royal Kludge H81 keyboard has got a gasket-mounted structure. The positioning plate has been fixed onto the top and bottom covers using PORON gaskets. The plate is tightly fixed and doesn’t moves or wobble. In order to deliver a smooth typing experience, Royal Kludge has treated the H81 mechanical keyboard with a three-layered silencing structure. It consists of a noise-absorbing silica gel layer, an XPE Lower pad for switches, and noise-absorbing silica gel at the bottom.

H81 keyboard has got a dynamic RGB backlight. The 16.8 million colors RGB backlight supports easy customizability and a variety of pre-built light effects. It also supports musical rhythm function in the driver mode(Supported in Wired and 2.4GHz modes). Using the driver software, users will be able to access different functions on the keyboard with ease.

Royal Kludge H81-4

Other primary features of the H81 keyboard include triple connection modes for versatile connectivity, a large 3750mAH battery for extended battery life(up to 60 hours on a single charge), dye-sublimed PBT keycaps, full-key n-key rollover, anti-ghosting operation, and carefully tuned stabilizers. Royal Kludge H81 keyboard offers smooth operation with a premium typing experience. Even with all these premium features, the H81 keyboard is priced attractively at just 109$, check out more information here.

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