FL-Esports Releases All-New FL980 V2 97-key Gasket-mounted Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard

FL-Esports FL980 has been a top-selling product for the brand ever since it was released. Today, FL-Esports has announced an upgrade to the amazing FL980, meet the all-new FL980 V2. It’s a completely redesigned keyboard that has a 97-key layout with dual-toned PBT material keycaps, triple connection modes, full-key hot-swappable design, gasket-mounted structure, full POM material switches, and many more features.

FL Esports FL980 V2-1

FL980 V2 is launched officially in two stunning color options, SAM(White, Blue, and Red), and Black Pink options. It is available for just 139.99$, refer here for more information.

FL-Esports FL980 V2 keyboard adopts gasket mounted design. The PCB board has been fixed between the top and bottom cases using PORON suspensions. The brand has designed the internals with multiple layers of silencing foam so that you get a super smooth typing experience with soft keystroke sound. On top of this gasket-mounted structure and silencing foams, FL-Esports has also featured precisely tuned stabilizers for large keys that help in achieving a wobble-free stable operation with the keyboard.

FL Esports FL980 V2-2

FL-Esports has also implemented triple connection modes on the latest FL980 V2. The keyboard supports both wired and wireless connections(wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, Wired USB Type-C). While using high-speed Bluetooth connectivity, FL980 V2 can be connected to three devices at once with easy switching between them. FL980V2 can be connected to a variety of devices including tablets, smartphones, PCs, and Laptops.

Kalih Box and Cherry MX have collectively designed a brand new POM material self-lubricating switch, the MX Box Avocado. FL980 V2 is the first keyboard that is available with the MX Box Avocado mechanical switches. Other switch options include Box Red, Box White, and MX Ice Mint. The keyboard also has a hot-swappable PCB that allows the users to easily replace the switches when ever required. It supports most 3 and 5-pin switches in the market.

FL Esports FL980 V2-3

FL-Esports FL980 V2 also has a full RGB backlight. It comes with a 16.8 million colors multi-color RGB backlight. The keyboard has pre-built lightning effects including musical rhythm effects. In order to customize the backlight or define macro functions, users can use the driver software for the keyboard.

FL980 V2 is a versatile keyboard that can be used for both gaming sessions as well as office usage. It’s available in a variety of switches and two color options, launched officially for 139.99$, check out more information here.

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