Royal Kludge Introduces R75: Brand New 75% TKL Keyboard With Four-Layered Padded Design

Royal Kludge, commonly referred to as RK is a famous name in the PC peripheral industry. The brand is associated with high-quality mechanical keyboards and gaming mice that are loaded with advanced features and come easy on the pocket. They have years of expertise in designing and manufacturing premium mechanical keyboards. Today, Royal Kludge has officially launched its very latest mechanical keyboard, introducing the all-new Royal Kludge R75. As you might guess by the name, the R75 is a compact 75% mechanical keyboard with 81 keys and a metallic volume knob arrangement. The keyboard features an elastic gasket structure, a four-layered sound-shock absorbing design, 3ms fast response time, three-mode connectivity, and many more features!!

Royal Kludge R75-1

Royal Kludge R75 is launched officially in multiple color options and connection types. The R75 starts at 59.99$ for the wired connection variant and 69.99$ for the three-mode variant. Check out more details and features here.

Royal Kludge R75 is designed with a precise layout. The compact 75% layout here has 81 keys and a multimedia volume knob. It’s a practical layout ideal for both offices as well as entertainment systems. Royal Kludge has featured an elastic gasket structure on the keyboard. Along with a four-layered sound-shock absorbing design, the gasket structure greatly benefits the user with a satisfying, comfortable typing experience. The keyboard has Sandwich PORON Cotton padding, IXPE Undershaft padding, Bottom padding, and silicone padding. This four-layered padded structure effectively absorbs pressure asserted upon the key press. It also fills the empty spaces inside the keyboard and ensures comfortable soft acoustics.

Royal Kludge R75-2

The R75 adopts single-key slotted PCB with 1.2mm separation. It is better optimized and consistent in its design offering a clear build with soft elasticity. The positioning plate is slotted horizontally here to solve the impact caused during keystrokes and improve the stability of the surrounding keys. RK has featured high-quality OEM height PBT material keycaps on the R75. The keyboard has flexible three-mode connection options. It supports high-speed wireless 2.4Ghz, wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connection options. The R75 supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices straight out of the box. It also has full-color dynamic RGB backlighting with dynamic musical rhythmic effects supported.

Royal Kludge R75-3

The R75 is available with variety o switch options including TTC Iron Linear, Snow Yellow, Rain, etc. It also offers full-key hot-swappable sockets for easy replacement of the switches whenever the requirement arises. Royal Kludge has equipped the R75 with a 3750mAH large-capacity battery. With a low-power consumption design, the keyboard has a long battery life which will last for days with every single charge. The R75 looks exciting. It is available in two different modes, one with single wired Type-C connection mode, and the other with three-mode connection support. The R75 is priced quite attractively starting at just 59.99$, check out more information here.

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