Royal Kludge Launches New Variants For RK98 and RK87 Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards have taken space on our desk and in our hearts with their exquisite craftsmanship and premium typing experience. The best part is, that a user can fully customize a mechanical keyboard fully right from its typing feel to its looks and design. This increase in interest from people and enthusiasts from all around the globe has also pushed the brands to create and innovate more in the mechanical keyboard department. And we have seen some really good updates from famous brands including Varmilo, Royal Kludge, Ducky, Keychron, etc. Today, Royal Kludge, also known as RK in the industry has announced two new keyboards, the RK98, and the RK87 Transparent White. RK98 here is actually one of their famous models and it has got two new color variants and new Red & Brown switch options. RK87 Transparent also comes as their latest take on 87-key TKL keyboards with a single-mode wired connection and transparent chassis.

Royal Kludge RK98-1

Royal Kludge RK98 New Colors:-

Price: 89$.

Royal Kludge RK98 is a fan favorite 98% 100-key mechanical keyboard. Previously available in only the standard white and black color options, Royal Kludge has now released the RK98 in two beautiful color options. The new Polar Day and Dawn Moon colors of the RK98 bring a more designer and colorful look to the keyboard. The Polar Day color brings us a combination of White and Blue keycaps while the Dawn Moon color has a more contrasting Blue, Dark Blue, and Orange colored keycaps. 

Royal Kludge RK98-2

Apart from new contrasting colors, the RK98 keyboard houses the latest features such as a Hot-Swappable design, premium mechanical switch options(Linear Red and Tactile Brown), triple-connection modes, and Full-RGB backlit design, full-key non-conflict design, etc. RK98 New colors are available on pre-order with us priced at 89$, check out more details here.


>Brand new designer looks with color-themed keycaps.

>100-Key Compact full-sized layout.

>Full-backlit RGB design with 18 in-built effects.

>Three connection mode.

>New Red and Brown axis switches.

>Hot-swappable PCB.

>Compatible with both 3-pin/5-pin switches.

>Full-key non-conflict operation.

>Height adjustable with two-level feet.

>Easy switching between Mac/Windows modes.

>Also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

>Superb Battery life with in-built Lithium ION battery.

Royal Kludge RK87 White Transparent Wired Keyboard:-

Price: 69$.

Royal Kludge RK87 has also got a white transparent single-mode wired option for users looking for a single-mode keyboard. We get a transparent white chassis along with a removable top cover. The RK87 White Transparent keyboard uses finely-adjusted Stabilisers for a smooth operation. The keyboard has also got a silicone padded structure for which RK has put a thick Silicone layer between the PCB and the Keyboard plate. It comes in a variety of switch options including Linear Red, Tactile Brown, and Clicky Blue switches. With its transparent chassis, the RGB effects are more beautiful than ever. RK87 has a single-connection mode via USB Type-C. It is priced at only 69$, quite a pocket-friendly price for a high-quality TKL keyboard. You can check out more details here.

Royal Kludge RK87-1


>87-Key TKL Layout.

>Full-backlit RGB design.

>Transparent Chassis.

>Finely-tuned Satellite Stabilisers.

>Full-key hot-swappable design.

>Silicone-padded structure.

>Full-key non-conflict design.

>Adjustable height with two-level feet.

>Wired USB connectivity.

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