Varmilo Minilo: Latest 65% Ultra-Compact Mechanical Keyboard With Morandi Themed Color Scheme

Varmilo has just announced its latest ultra-compact mechanical keyboard, the Varmilo Minilo. It’s a 65% ultra-compact mechanical keyboard with a mellow design theme. Inspired by the color theme of Giorgio Morandi(a well-reputed Italian painter), the keyboard uses a sweet color theme compromising of greyish tones of Pink, Blue, and Green. Varmilo is known for its outstanding craftsmanship and unique design approach for its products, this is reflected in the new Minilo with its cute and beautiful design. Varmilo Minilo is launched officially for 119$, you can check out more details here.

Varmilo Minilo-1

The Minilo is launched in three different models, each having its own set of features. The first one is a Bluetooth and Wired dual mode connection keyboard, the second one is a wired one with a Hot-swappable PCB, and the third one has three-mode connection support with RGB and a Hot-swappable keyboard. Varmilo has featured a specially designed silicone padded structure for the Minilo. It has a thick silicone cotton foam layered between the PCB and the keyboard plate. It absorbs force applied to the switches and produces soft acoustics.

Varmilo Minilo-2

Varmilo Minilo is available in a wide variety of mechanical switches. This includes high-quality Cherry MX, and Gateron G Pro switches. Varmilo has also collaborated with Kalih Box for a set of switches for the Minilo. Most of the switches for Minilo have a linear feel but a few tactile options are also there. To complement their exquisite craftsmanship, Varmilo has featured top-quality double-shot ABS keycaps.

 Varmilo Minilo-3

With Dual-mode, Wired, and Three-mode connections, Varmilo Minilo supports multiple systems including both Windows and Mac devices. Priced at 119$, Varmilo Minilo looks like a fantastic keyboard with an ultra-compact 65% layout!! You can check out more details here.


>65% compact layout.

>Mellow and colorful theme Based on Italian Painter Giorgio Morandi.

>Available in different variants(BT+Wired Dual Mode, Wired+Hot-Swappable, Three-Mode+RGB+Hot-Swappable).

>Silicone-Padded Structure for a soft and smooth sound.

>Top-quality ABS Double-Shot Keycaps.

>Multiple Switch options including Cherry MX, Gateron G Pro, and Varmilo X Kalih Box switches.

>Adjustable height with two-level feet.

>Multiple System support(Windows/Mac).

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