Royal Kludge Launches S75 Compact 75% Three-Mode Keyboard

With a primary focus on designing aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich mechanical keyboards, Royal Kludge has introduced its latest S series of mechanical keyboards with the latest Royal Kludge S75. As a brand, Royal Kludge has a good reputation among keyboard enthusiasts for offering amazingly built keyboards that are loaded with features at pocket-friendly prices. Their latest S75 is no different, available in multiple colour options, the keyboard adopts some premium features such as a single-key slotted PCB, slotted PC positioning board, Gasket mounted structure design, specially customized factory-lubed switches, and many more features.

Royal Kludge S75-1

Royal Kludge S75 keyboard boasts a compact 75% layout. It occupies a little space but promises quality typing feedback. With a gasket-mounted structure design, single-key slotted PCB, and PC positioning board, we get comfortable and satisfying typing feedback. Every single keystroke is comforting and has a quick, solid rebound. The newly developed customized factory-lubed mechanical switches also enhance performance with their silky smooth motion.

The Royal Kludge S75 mechanical keyboard also features a multimedia knob that allows for easy connection mode switching, volume adjustment, etc. Royal Kludge has featured dynamic three-mode connection support on the S75. it supports wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and wired USB Type-C connection options. It also has a fully dynamic RGB backlight, users can customize it with different lighting effects. The keyboard also has a built-in 0.66" OLED display screen. This screen shows different settings such as active battery status, active connection mode, and more.

Royal Kludge S75-2

The latest Royal Kludge S75 brings a new experience-oriented unique thing for its users. Its advanced functions greatly enhance its convenience. Users can easily adjust the volume on the go and can have solid typing feedback, all in a single device. The keyboard houses a large 3750mAh battery that provides days of usage with a single charge!! More information about the pricing and official launch for the Royal Kludge S75 will be available shortly.

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