ThundeRobot ML903 NearLink 8kHz Return Rate Wireless Gaming Mouse

ThundeRobot has released a brand new variant for its classic ML903 series of wireless gaming mice, introducing the all-new ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link edition. It’s the world’s first-ever wireless gaming mouse with revolutionary NearLink Technology. It offers super stable wireless connectivity with ultra-low-latency performance supporting a maximum return rate of up to 4kHz in wireless mode and up to 8kHz in wired mode. ThundeRobot is a well-established brand in the PC Peripheral industry. Their products are well-regarded for excellent performance, solid build, and amazing pricing. The latest ML903 Nearlink edition upgrades your experience with improved connectivity, better battery life, and faster response time. The ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link edition is launched officially for 69.99$, check out more information here.

ThundeRobot ML903 NearLink-1

ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link edition is the world’s first wireless gaming mouse to feature revolutionary NearLink connection technology. With a specially developed core chipset, the mouse offers super stable wireless connectivity and offers faster trigger response as well. With a multi-level PCB architecture, the mouse offers consistent performance. It comes with a nano-sized 4K receiver that is super compact compared to other wireless 2.4GHz 4K receivers in the industry. The multi-band connection of Near-Link Technology enables a faster and more stable connection with the mouse. Apart from this innovative NearLink technology, the mouse also supports wireless Bluetooth and USB Wired connection modes. The best part is in Wired mode we get an even faster response with an 8KHz return rate.

ThundeRobot ML903 NearLink-2

ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link mouse features the industry’s first Kailh’s flagship White Blade micro-motion switches. They offer an amazing clicking experience with super satisfying smooth movement and quick rebound. These new-gen switches have a durability rating of over 100 million clicks. ThundeRobot has equipped the ML903 NearLink mouse with a flagship PAW3395 gaming-grade sensor. It offers smooth glide with high-accuracy feedback and, overall very consistent performance. The PAW3395 enables the mouse to have a maximum 26000DPI resolution, fast 650IPS tracking speed, and 50G acceleration. The mouse has a lightweight build weighing in at just 69 grams.

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ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link gaming mouse houses a large capacity 600mAh battery that provides the mouse with an extended lifespan. The core NearLink chipset also brings a new level of battery optimization to the ML903 mouse series offering better durability with stable performance. ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link edition is a mouse that promises exceptional performance. From lightning-fast connectivity, to amazing polling rates, solid build structure, and improved battery life, the ML903 Near Link has it all!! ThundeRobot ML903 Near Link gaming mouse is launched officially for 69.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

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