AKKO Introduces MOD007B PC Gasket Keyboard & Cabbage Dog Series of New Designer Products

AKKO is a well-recognized name in the PC peripherals industry. Founded back in 2016, the brand is known for its exclusive range of products ranging from designer-themed mechanical keyboards to bare-bone keyboard kits, from customized mechanical switches to designer keycaps, etc. Quite recently, AKKO released the SPR67 and SPR75 spring-mounted keyboard kits where you can completely make your own DIY keyboard with the best quality kits. Today, we are super excited to bring you two new products from the house of AKKO, introducing the AKKO MOD007B PC mechanical keyboard and the AKKO x Dodowo Cabbage Dog series of products. Let’s know these products better!!

AKKO Cabbage Dog-1

Akko x Dodowo Cabbage Dog:-

AKKO has collaborated with Dodowo(a famous designer brand from China that designs and markets collectable products), to design its latest Cabbage Dog Series of products. Basically, they have used a vegetable Dog which they have named Cabbage Dog as the main design element of this series. This series includes three products that can be bought separately including the Akko Cabbage Dog 5108B keyboard, the Akko Cabbage Dog AG325 Gaming Mice, and the Akko Cabbage Dog mousepad.

AKKO Cabbage Dog-2

The products in this series have a unique Green and White color theme creating a sweet little themed package. The Akko 5108B keyboard is rich with advanced features. This includes convenient three-mode connectivity, RGB backlight, full-key hot-swappable sockets, finely tuned stabilizers, etc. It has a full 108-key layout and uses premium-quality PBT material keycaps for a durable build. The Akko AG325 Cabbage Dog mouse adopts a gaming-grade sensor for optimum performance. It offers precise aiming with accurate tracking and adjustable DPI settings as well. The mouse adopts premium Kailh micro-motion switches with an amazing durability rating of over 80 million clicks. AKKO has designed this mouse in an ergonomic form factor, we have an excellent grip for better control.

AKKO Cabbage Dog-3

AKKO has also developed a high-quality mousepad in the same Cabbage Dog Theme. The mousepad has an HD-printed design matching the theme. This mousepad is easily washable and offers an exciting design. It has a smooth top surface and a solid anti-slipper rubber bottom. Akko has priced these products quite nicely as well, the Mousepad is available for just 29.99$, the mouse for 24.99$, and the keyboard is available for 109.99$, check out more details here.

AKKO MOD007B PC Mechanical Keyboard:-

The second release alongside the Cabbage Dog series of products is the all-new MOD007B PC three-mode mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is introduced in two classy color options with premium Ice Cream series mechanical switches. The keyboard adopts a soft-elastic gasket structure design to promise Factory Mahjong Style keystrokes. This one has a compact 75% layout with an independent volume knob. Ice Cream switches offer silky smooth typing feedback with quick trigger response.

AKKO MOD007B PC Keyboard

We also have hot-swappable sockets allowing the users to easily replace the switches. AKKO has also featured dynamic RGB backlight to enhance the looks of the keyboard!! It’s an amazing keyboard with a lively design theme and advanced features promising an amazing user experience. AKKO MOD007B PC mechanical keyboard is launched officially for 99.99$, check out more details here.

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