UTYPING Launches NEKO TOUCH PBT Material Cherry Profile Keycaps

A few months ago, UTYPING, an emerging brand in the keyboard industry debuted in the international market with a new set of keycaps based on Rinko character theme by See Audio. The set got a lot of love and affection from the industry, people praised the set for its outstanding character design and durable PBT material build as well. UTYPING is back again with another set of keycaps. This is the second set of keycaps they are authorized by See Audio to develop on one of their core characters, introducing the UTYPING NEKOTOUCH Keycaps.


As you might’ve guessed, the NEKOTOUCH Keycaps are based on the character “NEKO” developed by See Audio for their amazing lineup of IEMs. NEKO is a character from another dimension, Neko loves music and is proficient in the art of weapons as well. Neko combines fighting with music and brings endless surprises to everyone with its charming personality. She has a playful theme to herself and comes wearing a maid costume. Her development has been done as a rival to Rinko. She has a lot of weapons, a lot of playful emotions, that are beautifully captured by professional designers for the NEKOTOUCH Keycaps. Get yours for just $59.99, check out more details here.


Developed in Cherry MX profile, the NEKOTOUCH keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX and MX-Style switches. This makes the NEKOTOUCH Keycaps to be suitable for over 99% switches in the market today. UTYPING has developed the NEKOTOUCH keycaps using high-quality PBT material, each keycap undergoes five-sided dye-sublimation process, With such high-level precise printing techniques, UTYPING is able to monitor deliver such tempting emotions of NEKO so beautifully.

UTYPING NEKOTOUCH Keycaps come as a set of 150+ keys. The set includes a bunch of artistic keys and different keys to suit different layouts. It basically has full compatibility with different layouts like 65%, 75%, 80%, 96%, 100%, etc. Do note that due to different layout settings, the Neko character may not appear fully on all layouts. It appears fully on mainstream layouts such as full-sized, TKL 80%, 60%, etc. UTYPING NEKOTOUCH Keycaps have a solid build quality and feel. The set has a premium Off-white and Green color theme. The color and feel of the set is eye-catching and elegant.


We personally love the look and feel of the latest UTYPING NEKOTOUCH Keycaps. In some way, it gives the character NEKO an actual persona. With the carefully chosen color theme, and the emotive artistic designs, the NEKOTOUCH Keycaps will definitely find a place in your heart. The NEKOTOUCH Keycaps are launched officially for an attractive price tag of $59.99, you can check out more details and information here.

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