DAREU EK75 75% RGB Keyboard With RT Magnetic Switches

DAREU has just dropped us a brand new 75% TKL keyboard, the DAREU EK75. DAREU is one of the prominent brands in the PC Peripheral industry based out of China. The latest EK75 adopts new-generation RT magnetic switches. For all those who have been following the latest in the market, Magnetic Switches have been the talk of the town recently. Many brands have introduced keyboards with Magnetic Switches, and these have gotten their place, especially in gaming keyboards. Mainly because of the Hall Effect Technology. Users can use Rapid Trigger and Adjustable Trigger Response on these switches. In the case of DAREU EK75, the switches have ultra-precise 0.1mm trigger point adjustment between 0.1m~4.0mm trigger range. DAREU EK75 is launched officially for $149.99, you can check out more information and details here.


DAREU has featured it’s own customized RT magnetic switches here on the EK75. The keyboard supports easy and precise trigger point adjustment. It has a fully integrated driver software which one can install and play around with different settings on the keyboard. This software has built-in profiles for gamers, especially competitive gamers including profiles for Valorant, CS Go, etc. These profiles basically give you suggested optimum settings for the keyboard for faster trigger response resulting in better player control and overall better performance with faster input.


DAREU EK75 keyboard has got exciting looks. The keyboard is available in two color options, while the Red-green looks sassy and have a more gaming setup look, the Black one has a different charm of its own. The Black color looks premium, it features fully transparent PC material keycaps. With complete RGB backlight experience a full gaming aura around the keyboard as the RGB peeps through the transparent keycaps. DAREU EK75 features a special magnetic-induced backlight. This RGB backlight offers over 50 lighting effects to play with. The magnetic induction light effect changes instantaneously with the strength of the keystrokes.


The DAREU EK75 also has an automatic calibration function. It has simple wired connectivity, once connected the keyboard will automatically calibrate on any given setup. With all these advanced features, DAREU has done a great job on the keyboard for comfortable typing feedback. The keyboard features high-quality aluminum alloy positioning plate, which ensures comfortable keystrokes with low wobbling issues.

DAREU EK75 is a fantastic keyboard that will be loved by both enthusiasts as well as gamers alike. Check out more details about this fantastic keyboard here.

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