Varmilo & TTC Launches New Speed Gold Linear & Fast Switches

Varmilo has designed a new set of Custom switches. Today, Varmilo has officially released some basic information about its latest Speed Gold Switches designed in collaboration with TTC. The new switches have a golden shaft core and a green base. They adopt a double-sided wall design, the switches are optimized before leaving the factory to ensure the stability and consistency of the shaft body.

Varmilo TTC Golden Switch-1

The latest Speed Gold switches are said to be fast and smooth. They have linear and fast characteristics. The initial force of the TTC Gold Switches is 30gf with a light trigger pressure of only 39±4gf. The actuation point is around 1.2+0.6/-0.3mm. The parameters of these new Speed Gold switches are close to the TTC Speed Silver switches, like the trigger speed of the Speed Gold switches is 40% faster than the traditional mechanical switches. These have a linear, smooth feel that makes the latest Speed Gold Switches an ideal choice for both office work and gaming scenes. The shrapnel and terminals here are made up of gold contacts to enhance the overall lifespan of the keyboard. TTC Speed Gold Switches have a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes. Varmilo is working on a new keyboard design with these TTC Speed Gold switches, it will be announced later this month.

Varmilo TTC Golden Switch-2

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Specifications Of Speed Gold Switches:-

>Linear & Smooth.

>Durability: 80 Million Keystrokes.

>Pre-Travel: 1.2 +0.6/-0.3mm.

>Total Travel: 3.4 ±0.4mm.

>Leaf spring: Gold contact.

>Terminal: Gold contact.

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