Royal Kludge Releases Brand New Single-Ended Wired RK98 Mechanical Keyboard

In order to create cost-effective and pocket-friendly high-quality mechanical keyboards, Royal Kludge(commonly known as RK) has launched a brand new variant for its famous RK98 Mechanical Keyboard. This new variant is called RK98 Single Mode. The RK98 keyboard in its official release featured three connection modes, Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4Ghz, and USB Wired. But this new RK98 will be available with only a wired USB Type-C connection. Obviously, this brings the cost down for the user. Royal Kludge RK98 Wired variant adopts all the features of the original RK98 such as RGB lighting, Hot-swappable switches, and Double-layered silicone padding, all these now come to you for a pocket-friendly price of 209Yuans(OG RK98 with three connection modes is available for 259 Yuans).

Royal Kludge RK98-1

Available In Multiple Switch Options:-

Royal Kludge RK98 Single Mode Version adopts three different switch profiles. It can be bought in the famous Gateron Yellow switches with 50g trigger pressure. These are linear switches that offer a silky smooth typing experience for the users. Additionally, we also have RK Blue and RK Brown switches for the RK98 Single Mode. These switches are factory lubricated and have double-layer silicone padding for smooth acoustics. 

Royal Kludge RK98-2

Full-Color RGB Backlight Design:-

Just like the original RK98 model, the latest RK98 Single Mode has a full backlight design. It comes with a variety of lighting effects which can easily be switched using the fn key. You can also download its driver from the official website, further improving its usability with better lightning effect control, macro settings, and custom settings. Each and every single LED can be adjusted independently using this software.

Royal Kludge RK98-3

Hot-Swappable Design:-

RK98 Single Mode mechanical keyboard has a hot-swappable base. It is compatible with three-pin and five-pin switches. RK98 allows us to change the switch as per our will and requirements. It uses factory fine-tuned stabilizers that fully optimize the feel of every single keystroke. Pretty sure the RK98 Single Mode will deliver us a similar experience as we had with the OG RK98 Triple-mode keyboard.


Royal Kludge RK98 Single Mode is launched at a discounted price than the standard RK98 triple-mode. The RK98 triple mode is priced at 259 Yuans and it is one of the top-selling keyboards in the market. The latest RK98 Single-Mode is being offered at a discounted price of 209 Yuans. We currently have the RK98 Triple mode on our website that supports multiple connection modes(wireless and wired) with us, check out more details here.

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