Varmilo Introduces All-New Goddess In The Moon Series Mechanical Keyboards With EC Violet V2 Switches

When it comes to designer-themed mechanical keyboards, Varmilo comes out on the top with its outstanding range of uniquely designed keyboards. Today, Varmilo has announced its latest series of designer keyboards, meet the all-new Goddess in the Moon series of mechanical keyboards. Also called Chang'e. The series includes two different layouts, 108-key full-sized and 87-key compact TKL arrangements. Goddess in the Moon series keyboards has to be one of the best-looking keyboards from Varmilo yet with its beautiful Moon-themed starry sky and Moon-related design elements. Varmilo has done a great job in presenting us a beautiful art of the Moon and its fairies through the beautiful V-silk PBT keycaps!!

Varmilo Goddess In The Moon Series

Varmilo Goddess in the Moon series mechanical keyboards are available in two different variants, triple-connectivity(Wireless 2.4GHz/Wireless Bluetooth/Wired USB Type-C), and Single-Connectivity(Wired) starting at 225.99$. Check out more information here.

Varmilo Chang'e

Over the years, Varmilo has grown as an artistic brand. The latest Goddess in the Moon series features an exclusively designed Moon phase on the Function Row Keys. When the backlight is turned on, the Function Row keys depict the entire cycle of the Moonphase from the Quarter moon to full moon and more. The entire keyboard has got a beautiful artistic design of a Moon Fairy and other elements related to the Moon. The keyboard is available with triple-connection modes(Wireless Bluetooth/Wireless 2.4GHz/Wired Type-C) that allow for easy connectivity with different devices including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. The wired mode supports an easy Type-C USB wired connection.

Varmilo Chang'e

When it comes to switch options, the Goddess in the Moon series mechanical switches is made available in a variety of switch profiles including those from Cherry MX and EC Sakura V2. It is also made available in the all-new EC Violet V2 tactile mechanical switches. They offer a comfortable typing experience with crisp soft sound upon each keypress. Varmilo has also featured full-key hot-swappable PCB sockets on the keyboards allowing the users to easily replace the switches whenever required.

Varmilo Chang'e

Goddess in the Moon series (Chang'e) keyboards has got a dual-padded silicone structure design. This not only softens the keypress sound but also absorbs vibrating force upon keystrokes promising a buttery smooth typing experience. Goddess in the Moon series keyboards start at 225.99$, you can refer here for more information.

Varmilo Chang'e-1

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