VGN Introduced Dragonfly F1 Series of High-Performance Gaming Mice with PAW 3395 Optical Sensor

A good gaming mouse is the heart of any gaming PC. It needs to be perfect, perfect in terms of performance, perfect in terms of grip, perfect in terms of comfort, and perfect in terms of performance. When it comes to gaming peripherals, components are priced quite heavily to make up for features. But VGN is one such brand that always focuses on delivering great value-for-money products, developing feature-rich devices at affordable prices. Today, they have introduced one such new series of high-performance gaming mice, presenting the all-new VGN Dragonfly F1 series of mice. The series consists of three mice, the Dragonfly F1, F1 Pro, and F1 Pro Max. The main attractions of this series are the ultra-lightweight design, high-performance optical sensor, premium Kailh micro switches, and comfortable grip, all of which improve the experience for the users. 

VGN Dragonfly F1-1

All three models have the same structure and dimensions. They adopt a flagship-grade PAW3395 optical gaming sensor with up to 26000 DPI resolution. They use customized Kailh Black Gold Mamba GE 2.0 micro-motion switches that have a lifespan of up to 90 million clicks. The F1 and F1 Pro weigh just 49 grams while the F1 Pro Max weighs just 55 grams. The battery backup is where the differences begin between the models. The basic Dragonfly F1 has a battery life of up to 40 hours which goes up to 130 hours for the F1 Pro Max model. The F1 Pro and F1 Pro Max have highly optimized MCU chipsets from Nordic that allows for smart speed low-latency wireless technology and a high-speed 4000Hz polling rate.

VGN Dragonfly F1-3

All the three models here, the F1, the F1 Pro, and the F1 Pro Max features dual-mode connectivity. This includes high-speed Wireless 2.4GHz connection and USB Type-C wired connections. With VGN's in-house developed SmartSpeed Technology, the Dragonfly F1 Pro and F1 Pro Max supports high-speed 4000Hz Polling rate. It ensures super-fast performance with lag-free wireless connectivity and better power efficiency.

VGN Dragonfly F1-4

The VGN Dragonfly F1 series of mice will come on pre-order starting the 7th of March. It starts at 34.99$ for the F1 model and goes as high as 49.99$ for the F1 Pro Max. Check out more information here.

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