DAREU Introduces All-New Mahjong-Themed Mechanical Switches

Mahjong is a famous four-player domino game that has a long history in China. During the New year Holidays, it is widely played among family and friends. DAREU, one of the leading brands of PC peripherals from China has announced its latest upcoming mechanical switches based on the Mahjong theme. According to DAREU, The terms “Touch”, “Bar” and “Hu” in Mahjong have been derived in all aspects of life. The announcement is made with the release of a poster image of Mahjong switches.

DAREU Mahjong Switches-1

DAREU’s Mahjond mechanical switches adopt an exciting color combination with beautiful green and white colors. And the switch has a bright red axis, giving a full mahjong feeling. The switches have Mahjong characters such as “Zhang”, “Fe” and “Whiteboard” engraved on the sides. The new DAREU Mahjong mechanical switches adopt trapezoidal light guide mirror technology. It enhances the brightness of RGB or other backlights on the keyboards. The switches have a high-quality POK material cover and a long 20mm gold-plated long spring. The look and design of these new Mahjong Switches are simply exceptional, they look spectacular.

DAREU Mahjong Switches-2

DAREU Mahjong switches have a handy experience with soft acoustics. The brand advertises them to have comfortable typing feedback. The Mahjong Switches will be soon released officially in March. It might be announced alongside a new Mahjong Themed keyboard by DAREU.

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