WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K: Brand New Wireless Mouse With 4K Return Rate Support

WAIZOWL has just launched a brand new high-end wireless gaming mouse, the WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K. WAIZOWL has a wide range of products specialising in Gaming Mice and Mousepad categories. They have many successful models such as WAIZOWL OGM Pro, WAIZOWL OGM Feather, etc. The latest OGM Cloud 4K brings amazing performance with a flagship-level PAW3395 sensor, high-performance NORDIC 52840 main processor, up to 4K return rate support, and many more features. WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K starts at 105.99$, you can check out more details here.


The main attraction of the OGM Cloud 4K is its capability to support a 4K return rate. It ensures silky smooth tracking with quick trigger response time, promising consistent performance in the long run. It offers excellent connectivity with a low latency, low lag, and stable connection with the source device. WAIZOWL’s Surpass Speed Technology ensures that we get consistent and enhanced connectivity with no signal issues. This greatly helps in improving game performance. The OGM Cloud 4K even has a competitive gaming mode for enhanced gaming performance. The mouse has two operation modes, standard mode and competitive mode, its standard mode offers exceptional consistency with proper return rate performance and perfect connectivity. The Competitive mode takes things to a higher level with an even better return rate and latency performance. All-in-all, exceptional connection abilities. Do note that a 4K receiver has to be purchased separately.


WAIZOWL has equipped the OGM Cloud 4K with a customized PAW3395 optical sensor. The mouse offers high-sensitivity adjustable up to 26000DPI with 650IPS tracking speed, and 50g acceleration. Combined with the high-performance NORDIC 52840 core chipset, the OGM Cloud offers consistent performance with optimized battery performance and smoother tracking.

WAIZOWL has designed the OGM Cloud 4K with a symmetrical design. Its design has been customized based on a study of different grip styles, ensuring most people get a comfortable and firm grip with the mouse. It has a lightweight design with 55 grams weight for the mouse. WAIZOWL has designed it with a delicate skin-like textured finish for a premium and rich in-hand experience. The OGM Cloud 4K adopts high-quality Huano micro-motion switches. They provide stable clicks with a quick and satisfying rebound. It’s an excellent mouse with promising performance capabilities. WAIZOWL has equipped the OGM Cloud 4K gaming mouse with a high-capacity rechargeable battery with a rated battery durability of up to 80 hours.


WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K instantly improves your experience with its smooth and consistent performance. Simply pair it with the 4K receiver and experience best-in-class performance with the mouse!! WAIZOWL OGM Cloud 4K starts at 105.99$, you can get yours here.

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